Simple repair

/November 2021

In the eyes of outsiders, he and she are really poor. Things come from rural college students, the work of their doing a maximum. Get married when both parents, not BangCou much, two people gathered together, to pay a down payment of a bedroom, 20 years to pay off the rest of the points. A person's salary raises a person's wages for the family.

There is no poor marriage house is the top floor, exiguous in cities, they have no spare money to decorate, ambry, shoe ark, dresser, the closet is the borrowed tools in your spare time fashioned of purchased materials. The sparrow is small, all-sided ", add a water heater this year, next year add a computer... Slowly, the home appliances should also acquire complete.

Hair wages, but also a mortgage, the rest of the money into the envelope in a drawer, who used to take. Days not bounteous, golden week, had a holiday, unit of colleagues friends is not to travel to the mall shopping. But they had a different holiday, riding a bicycle to the suburbs, today carry two books, bask in a day, the sun tomorrow take fishing gear, find a fish pond, fishing, and recreation.

The bread was sometimes possum, roses are more luxurious. Live a period, the table for a few days on the main dishes are Chinese cabbage and potatoes. Vinegar, cabbage salad vegetables, Chinese cabbage with dried shrimps, cold black bean, hot Fried potato chips... He was surprised to see her do not know from where learn to these things, every meal eat with relish. Those memorable days between couples, such as valentine's day, birthday, anniversary, he always can give her some surprises. A delicate key chain, a cartoon wallet, a book store COINS have been longing for her new book, the one she loves at first sight the scarves... These gifts are not expensive, even some are not spending money, every time she smiles.

She likes to eat snacks and fruit, so he gives up 30 years of smoking and saves money to buy her love eat words plum, fresh fruit in season. He likes to eat dumplings, originally she buy frozen dumplings home cooking, slowly learned DiaoXian, themselves and, their rolling skin, oneself make dumplings.

Her clothes are from the roadside small shop, wear in the body is always stand out. She's done good sewing, like camber of repaired, tao to look brand-new clothes slightly modified. He has a few famous brand suits, in addition, to attend some formal occasions, he prefers to some casual clothes. They save the wardrobe upkeep to filial piety the parents in the countryside, reducing the burden of the elderly.

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House in hot summer and cold winter in the north winter indoor can be frozen, don't have the heating, came home from work every day, he always emulatively go cold cooking in the kitchen, and give her a good electric blanket, let her cover the quilt on the bed to keep warm. Like summer house on fire, especially at night, the temperature in the room like a patient with high fever does not retreat, let a person can't fall asleep, she always wants to do everything you can to cool the room and go to work during the day to draw the curtains, came home from work is over and over again to sweep the floor.

In love, she even do not familiar, marriage makes her fingers with spring water from a girl into an economical housewife, she learned cooking Fried, the ordinary and three meals a day is done, learned how to make your pasta, steamed bread, steamed rolls, steamed buns, dumplings, noodles, also don't say, making the pasta is by those delicious than machine outside. He, also a woman. she, a person to feed the whole family not a hungry big boy turned out to be a family man, to be very considerate throughout the year, he is always not allowed her to touch cold water, she was in the basement of the bike, he always responsible for every morning.

Their house is small, their food and clothing are very simple, they had a frugal, private car, very far away from them, five-star hotel delicacies, and they don't, take a plane to travel around by train is not reality, but they are close to the happiness. There is no poor marriage, only a poor lover. If our mind is full of love, our marriage poverty will become rich again.