Since that moment of encounter, I just recognized you

/August 2021

I think that Mr. Hu and Ms. Wang, who just finished preparing for their wedding in early August, have gone through eleven years together, from high school classmates to good friends who say everything and then to lovers and couples.

At the wedding, Teacher Hu said, "Remember that night when you agreed to be with me, I sent a circle of friends, which said: There is still a dream, but what if it comes true? Before, I always thought that this sentence encouraged people to buy lottery tickets, but the probability that two people can be together is 300% of the first prize probability of lottery tickets. I think this probably is beyond the scope of luck but destined. When people ask me when I fell in love with you, I always say: Ten years ago. Every time you feel exaggerated, but I really like you for ten years. These days, I've been thinking about a word, called a meeting when I was young. After ten years together, we spent ten years, and today, I am willing to spend more than ten years to accompany you to laugh, play with you, and accompany you to old age. "

On the day when we were really together, it was more than 9 years since two people knew each other, and they began to fall in love after careful consideration.

During military training in high school, Mr. Hu noticed Miss Wang at a glance. She was so wonderful and dazzling. They started with friends, talked about music together, and recommended movies and books to each other. After a long contact, Mr. Hu said that what attracted him most was Ms. Wang's charisma.

She is the first person I have ever seen who will remind others to be careful when crossing the street.

She is the first person I have ever seen who can open the door for others.

She is the first person I have ever met who often talks about thank you

The most important point is that Ms. Wang's kindness from the bottom of his heart is not superficial. 

At the 18-year-old bar mitzvah, Teacher Hu made an album for Miss Wang as her birthday gift, which was carefully selected from song selection to production. On the wedding day, in the First Look session, Teacher Hu sent out the second self-made album. Ten years later, they fell in love and got married, and everything happened naturally. "I know that the world is changing rapidly, but only with you, I believe there will be a long way to go."

When a person is willing to be with you at every important moment and express all the ritual feelings to you, then he must love you to his heart. Before the wedding, Mr. Hu arranged a marriage proposal full of surprises. He wrote a passage to Ms. Wang, and there was love between the lines. "After 12 o'clock tonight, it was a very important day for me. Ten years ago tomorrow, you turned me down. Today, I want to let you know that it is never too late for a gentleman to confess. I have always felt that meeting you is my greatest luck. After I was with you, I still felt this way, and I have kept it up to now. You said before that I like you because I don't know you. You are right, because after I got to know you, I found that I really don't like you, but love you. Although I've been with you for more than a year, I laugh happily every day when I think of my girlfriend like you. After I'm with you, I want to give you all the best things, because they are less than one ten-thousandth of yours. Remember the greeting cards in the flowers a year ago? I hope to have a person like you, such as the refreshing wind in the mountains, such as the warm light of the ancient city, from early morning to evening, from Shan Ye to the study, as long as it is you in the end. " We are all mortals, and we don't expect love to be so magnificent. As long as this person is willing to take you to heart, it is the best feeling of security. As Feng Tang said: "I don't want the stars in the sky, I just want the happiness of the world.

At the end of the story, this passage is for you "Life is just like first sight" describes a kind of love: always pamper you as a child, even if you are old; Always feel that you are handsome and incomparable, even if you are old; Always love you as it is now, even if we are old. No matter how time changes, I hope the love between you two will always be as passionate and affectionate as it was at the beginning.

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