Soul love

/September 2021

I'm ten years behind her. We have never really started, and naturally, there is no real "end". On that occasion, by chance, we realized that there was a shadow of each other in each other's hearts. As I am older, I am more rational and restrained than her. I said, "The gap between us is too big. You are at this end of the world and I am at that end. " But she said, "What does it matter? As long as our hearts are together, how can we get a distance? "  

This is the difference between men and women: one is rationality, the other is sensibility. I don't know which is right and which is wrong. All I know is that rational logic is terrible, and sensibility is too fearless. Finally, one day, on the grounds of "distance", I cut off the "love" that we had never started.  

In those countless long days, we both suffered from separation-I know, and so does she. However, we silently kept the promise of "on sight". But, unexpectedly, one day, she couldn't carry it before me. She sent me a text message: I want to see you, can't this work? I thought I had driven her out of my heart and out of my life. However, when I saw such a short message, my heart lake was so vulnerable. I recall her face, her sweet voice, and her fragrant breath. Holding the mobile phone, my trembling heart made my hand tremble. I don't know where I got my courage, and I sent such a message: I miss you, too.  

Finally, she didn't have to avoid me. She took the time to come back and see me. She said, now that I am a big girl, you can no longer let me leave because I am "impulsive". In that way, our two long-separated hearts finally reunited. However, we don't talk much. Compared with using mobile phones to send messages, we rarely meet each other. She said, "What does it matter? As long as our hearts are together, how can we get a distance? " My heart is full of emotion, and I finally understand the power of emotion, and also the power of a woman-once I have identified an emotion, I will stick to it without hesitation. She always reminds me that no distance can't be crossed, as long as there is courage. Yes, I'm afraid of distance. For example, differences in topics; For example, different interests; For example, the gap between age and knowledge; There is even a gap between economy and life ... This is a man's way of thinking, which is different from girls. She is youthful and fashionable; I, on the other hand, am too far away from this era. She likes singing, dancing, entertainment ... Everything that is youthful and fashionable, she enjoys it. However, I was in my book, in my words, in a quiet corner of that noisy world, and I accompanied her through many noisy places in the world. Finally, one day, a voice couldn't hold on any longer, breaking through the obstruction and telling me that no matter how powerful the emotion is, it has no right to deprive a person of his soul.  

So, in the urge of the soul, I finally drifted away from her. I know, I can't get lost in my heart and forget my soul's thirst for that crazy emotion. So, as at the beginning, we never "started", and naturally we never "ended".  

Now, I will still sit quietly in front of the window and recall her beautiful face; Will be in the lonely night, thinking of her tenderness; In that dream of flying flowers, our love will continue ... However, I can only endure the pain of lovesickness silently. Because I firmly believe that we all need true soul love to live.

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