Stay with you till the end of the world

/September 2021

People often ask: Should I marry love? I always say this sentence: "Be sure to marry love. Because there is a loving marriage, the days are always fresh, and the marriage that gives up love is rotting every day. " 

Countless people were warmed by a video. As soon as the hospital was lifted, Grandma Huang, 84, arrived. She stood in front of the bed of Grandfather Sun, a 90-year-old wife, and stared at him from time to time while gently feeding kiwifruit. Eyes are opposite, eyes are full of deep feelings. 

Grandpa Sun is a patient in the intensive care unit. Because of the epidemic, the hospital canceled the daily visiting hours. Grandma Huang can only ask the nurse to hand over the washed kiwi fruit and a handwritten love letter to her wife. During this time, the nurses delivered 45 "love letters". 

Every letter begins with "Dear wife": "I am fine, don't worry about it ..." "the moon, grown full now over the sea, Brightening the whole of heaven, Brings to separated hearts, the long thoughtfulness of night." "Come on together and grow old together." In an interview, Grandma said seriously: "When we were young, we also wrote back and forth through letters for 5 years."

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Young people fall in love, accompanied by decades, although it is inevitable to separate, every word hides my miss and love for you. Some love, that's it, go from sunrise to sunset hand in hand, experience on and off, but deep feelings never change, so long as there is the rest of my life, I will be with you every day. Su Cen once said, "The most extravagant person in the world is one who will spend time with you. Whoever's time is valuable, giving time to you is equivalent to giving your world to you. " 

The most romantic way is to stay with you until the end of the world. On February 11th, 2020, in a hospital in Wuhan, an octogenarian couple was both infected with COVID-19. The 87-year-old grandfather trudged to another ward every day to visit his 83-year-old wife. At first, grandma refused to eat, and grandpa coaxed and fed her favorite breakfast every day. When she met the shelled food, she peeled it off one by one, and specially picked out the meat and sent it to the other person's mouth. Even when he goes to bed at night, he is half-lying in his down jacket and gets up from time to time to take a look next door. The nurse said that sometimes he goes to the wrong room-even if he can't remember some things, he always remembers that there is someone he loves to take care of. Old people are forgetful but never forget lovesickness. Even if you forget the whole world, you will never forget to love you. The arrival of this epidemic may have changed many things, but some things will never change. For example, I love you.