Stephen King's marriage

/October 2021

Stephen King is the most famous horror writer and best-selling author in American history. he has royalties of more than $10 million per work, became a billionaire at the age of 32, and almost every word has been adapted into movies and TV dramas. 

Unlike the chaotic private life of some writers, his marriage is particularly happy. 

The most famous joke about his wife is that she picked up the famous "Carrie" from the garbage and said she wanted him to continue to write, and she wanted to know the end of the story. 

He said he didn't know anything about high school girls, and she said she would help him in this part. 

She lowered her chin, smiled at him in her adorable way, and said, "your story is very interesting. I think so." 

The book finally sold 2.3 million copies, saving them from poverty. 

Stephen has always been proud of his marriage: "our marriage has outlasted all world leaders, except Castro." 

It should be noted that Stephen's wife is a beautiful woman with long legs, who not only shares weal and woe with him but also helps him develop his career. 

What's more, Stephen King fell in love with his wife for three reasons: "at a poetry conference in 1969-when I was a senior and she was a junior-I fell in love with her because I understood the meaning of her work. And because she understands her work. 

I fell in love with her because she was wearing a sexy black dress, black silk stockings, and suspenders. " 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen King seem to have got the perfect love and marriage, but what did Stephen's wife put up with before enjoying the luxury of a happy marriage? 

She endured the erotic look of a "loser", the poverty of a literary youth with high vision and low skills, his nervousness, and his lack of the long legs she liked. 

Can we do what she endures?

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