Subway entrance

/September 2021

Emma was born in the suburbs of London. She and Frank fell in love at first sight on the subway and got married by lightning. Emma gave birth to her daughter Britney Spears at the age of 24, and the family of three had a happy life. Every morning, Frank drove Emma to the entrance of King's Cross subway station two blocks away from home, then sent her daughter to school and went to work by herself.

Later, Emma began to complain about her husband's incompetence, blaming him for not being able to buy a house near her work. Repeated quarrels made them lose their old love. Frank responded to Emma's accusation with impatience. Finally, they signed the divorce agreement.

Early the next morning after the divorce at the subway station, Emma dragged a lot of luggage to leave her home where she had lived for 10 years. Emma came to her daughter's room. Britney Spears, 5, woke up from her dream. She got up and grabbed something from under her pillow and put it in her mother's hand. Emma saw that it was a small deciduous tooth. Emma touched her daughter: "Baby, you have really grown up!" Emma pinched her daughter's first tooth tightly in her hand and went out of the door.

Britney Spears found out that her mother had left. She knew that her parents must have quarreled, and her mother walked to the subway station alone in advance. When Frank was driving with his daughter near the subway station, he suddenly heard a roar, and then the car was stopped by the police because the London subway was attacked by terrorists. Frank got off the bus to check the situation. He restrained his nervousness and told Britney Spears that London was celebrating the success of its Olympic bid. All the people had a day off, so they didn't have to go to school today.

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After returning home, Frank closed the door tightly and watched TV news in silence. Britney Spears wants to play Harry Potter as soon as her mother comes back, and the mother and daughter chase Voldemort's father together. When she plays, she will give her mother's hand to her father, and let her parents make up.

Mother didn't come back until dark. Britney Spears is going to wait for her mother at the subway entrance. Frank, who has been silent all the time, opens his hand and says sadly, "Baby, she won't come back."

The next morning, the streets were strangely quiet. Walking near the subway station, Britney Spears was surprised to find that the entrance of the subway station was closed. In Britney Spears' mind, the subway station is extremely mysterious. My mother goes to work from here, and Harry Potter goes to the magic school from here ... She thinks that the subway station can lead to any place in the world. Now that the subway station is closed, my mother can't come back, and Britney Spears is extremely sad.

On the fifth day after the explosion, the subway station reopened. Britney Spears cheered and said to her father, "The subway station has opened, and my mother will come back soon!" Frank didn't know how to answer his daughter. His heart was full of pain and regret. On the day of the explosion, the day after he and his wife signed the divorce, he watched her drag the big bag toward the subway station, but did not come forward to help her. First, he decided that the reason why his wife likes to argue with him about little things is that there must be a man with superior economic conditions waiting for her.

Frank frantically inquired about the list of casualties in the subway station explosion. Five days later, the feeling of foreboding grew stronger and stronger. Britney Spears doesn't understand what kind of pain is hidden under her father's silent expression. She only remembers her mother saying that every mother is the embodiment of a fairy, and if she collects all the baby teeth she has replaced, she will have extraordinary strength.

That evening, Britney Spears came home, but still didn't see her mother. She begged her father to take her to the subway station.

King's Cross Station has taken on a new look. Frank came to the notice board near the station and posted a picture of searching for you with Emma. It says, "Emma, where are you? Are you all right? Tell me, why did you take the subway on the day of breaking up? "

There are many advertisements for tracing people posted in the notice column, and many citizens come here to post notices with the last glimmer of hope, hoping that passers-by can bring news of their loved ones.

Britney spears tried many ways to make her teeth fall down faster, and she deliberately chewed hard bones with loose teeth; Even chewing nougat. Three days later, the teeth finally fell off. Britney Spears took her teeth and said to Frank, "I want to go to the subway station again, so that my mother can get my teeth as soon as she leaves the station."

Frank wanted to tell Britney Spears: Mom really won't come back. But he couldn't say it. He took his daughter to the station and found that there were many people around the notice board, some of whom were in tears. When he approached, there was a note signed by Emma, which said, "I know that you stood behind me all the time that day. I thought you would send me one last time, but you didn't. I choked back tears and turned the corner. I rushed to the subway station and squeezed into a train that had just arrived. On second thoughts, I suddenly felt that this bus was five minutes earlier than the one we met. So, I got out of the car. At this moment, there was a loud explosion ... I ran in panic, and I was homesick like never before. In the successive explosions, all I think about is your kindness. When I pass by death, I miss you and my daughter the most. I didn't die in the explosion, but I actually experienced a rebirth; I have been wandering, because I don't deserve to go back to our home. Until yesterday, a friend told me that you were posting a notice looking for me ... Would you accept a wounded bird to return home? If you like, please put a red thing in front of the notice column, otherwise, put a white one ... "

Frank was surprised to find that there were all kinds of red things under the notice column: red roses, red notes and red hats. He squeezed into the front of everyone, tied his daughter's bloody teeth with red ribbons with tears, and put them on Emma's note ...