Sunset at that time

/September 2021

He walked into the "Sansier" community on the east side of Ulaanbaatar, looked at the address written down in his hand, and panted heavily as he climbed to the fourth floor. At this time, he felt his heart beat faster. He narrowed his eyes and saw the house number that had been verified many times on the phone. He was looking forward to coming out to open the door with the beautiful, gentle, and lovely girl forty years ago.

At that time, it was an old woman with simple clothes who opened the door at sunset. Her age and appearance tell him that she is the woman who made his heart beat faster just a few minutes ago. There was a trace of melancholy in his eyes. Entering the house, he was busy taking off his coat and changing his shoes. The old woman pointed to the kitchen and said, "Come here and say something."

The old woman moved a chair and moved her fat body to prepare snacks and sweets, just like a big ant. A moment later, she put a pot of milk tea and a few counts on the table, and sighed and said, "Time makes us old. If it is on the street, I don't recognize you."

"I am a big old man. People who have lived for 60 years are different from the young man forty years ago." The old man muttered in his mouth, like a child who had made a mistake.

"What's wrong with you recently? How come your phone calls have become more frequent since your wife died? " Asked the old woman.

"Nothing, just want to see you and talk to you. I don't know if we still have this right in our twilight years ... "The old man stopped talking. He remembered the beauty when he liked her forty years ago and the loneliness when he missed her alone. He looked at her face as if her wrinkles had a magical power to turn back time.

"Do you know what you said when you were drunk that day? Seriously for an old woman like me, I don't know if you did it right or wrong ... "

"I forgot what I said, too." After that, the old man turned his head and did not dare to face it.

"When you were in college, you were an honest and honest man. You liked me and didn't dare to face up to it. You only looked at me once in a while, and then quickly passed me by, right? At that time, you were young, too. Look at how old you are now, hunched like an ostrich. " The old woman laughed out loud and wiped her eyes with a towel from the hook. She said: "Ostrich, don't call our house again and again. It's not good for the children to know."

The old man didn't speak. He vaguely remembered a few days ago, when he was drunk, he called to express his confession to her. When he confessed, his heart beat faster and his voice trembled, as if he had returned to his college days with his first love story hidden, and returned to his youth. Say it's a confession it's just talking about some parents' shortcomings. He sighed and said in a voice so weak that he could hardly hear himself: "People's hearts, it's pitiful to think about them."

The old woman wanted to ease the dull atmosphere and said, "If you like me so much, take me away when you go to heaven."

The old man's thoughts drifted back to his college days. At that dance, he wanted to hold her hand and fly freely on the dance floor. But he stopped and became a lonely guest in the dark corner beside the noisy dance floor.

"Since you like me so much, why don't you write me a love letter? I wrote a love letter, and it may be you who will accompany me for a lifetime. "

"I wrote all my love letters that day. But I found that you have started to associate with him who just died. I tore the love letter to pieces and let it fall in the wind. The next day there was heavy snow on the campus. "

"It turned out to be like this ... I said' ostrich', thank you for loving me all my life, from ignorant young love to full of Huafa, but some things will eventually pass, because time will make us grow old and never return."

"Yes, I know this very well." Said the old man's eyes red.

"Go home, I hope you will think of me at the last moment of your life ..." The old woman said.

"Yes, of course, I will." The old man's words trembled even more.

The old woman helped the old man to the door and said, "We have met before, so don't come home in the future. This is good for you and me ... "

The old man suddenly remembered something, took back his feet, looked at the floor, and said word by word, "If only ... I could kiss you ... once ..."

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"Kiss me? I am a man in his sixties. " Hesitated, the old woman put her cheeks together. He saw a little blush on her cheeks, which reflected the sunset outside the city window. Once, they were like the rising sun, full of rising power and fantasy, but finally, like the sunset outside the window, they came to an end calmly with the last touch of brilliance. He kissed not only the gray-haired, wrinkled 60-year-old woman but also his loneliness and thoughts along the way. He and she both know that some love, even if they come to the end of their lives, will keep the brand of youth deep in their hearts and never die.