Sweet tears-1

/October 2021

It was such a coincidence to know you. 

It is already winter, and in the season when all the prosperity is withering, our feelings also float away with the fallen leaves in this depressing season. 

I can hardly help myself when I write this text. I often feel my heart is wrenching. When I think of you, when I think of us together, my heart and tide burst into my throat and almost spit out blood. 

I am 19 years old and have a height of 182. I thought I was an adult when I graduated from high school. It was this summer vacation that I broke away from my student life. 

On July 31, I met you. From then on, you walked into the life of my first love, and it was also an emotional process that I had to go through. 

I was happy, painful, trembling, excited, careful, sweet, and inexplicable. 

It was a sunny summer morning when the green leaves were shining in the air with youthful life, and that day was your birthday. 

You asked me to be there and left your address on the Internet. On that day, I came as promised. 

It was also the first time we met. 

Love came to me quietly at that moment. 

At that moment, I saw you, a girl with long hair, greeted from the corridor. I bumped into your eyes inadvertently, and my face was hot. I was a shy boy. I didn't know what it was like to like someone when I grew up. However, at that moment, when I avoided you in my eyes, I suddenly realized the sweet panic. 

Your home is very clean, and the spacious three rooms and two living rooms are decorated by you. 

We joked together, I tried to make myself at home, boys, can not be cold, so I was generous, are young people, we will soon be familiar with. 

Then, for your birthday, we sang happy birthday, lit colored candles on that beautiful cake, watched you shyly make a silent wish in the candlelight, and then puffed up your lovely little cheeks to blow out the candle, I suddenly felt that watching your every move is so interesting, alas, what it feels like to be a boy, I know that when I think you are interesting, you are not simply funny but lovely in my heart. 

You like Jay Chou's songs, so we turn on the computer to listen to his wonderful music coming out of the rotating record. At that time, we were all intoxicated. I looked at your red face filled with joy, and I dared not look squarely at your watery eyes. I sat lazily on the sofa as if watching TV, but in fact, my heart had already flown to you. I feel your happiness, happiness is your happiness, I remember a song. 

"hand in hand" Oh, I want to hold your hand, hold you, through this life. 

You treat at noon and go to Liunai Noodle Restaurant to buy two ramen and cola to eat with you. I am not in the habit of having dinner with strangers, not to mention that the girl in front of me is a girl who makes me nervous. I grabbed ramen in a panic and didn't eat a few bites. You said you didn't want to eat. Oh, my God, my stomach is still very hungry, but if you don't eat, I will put down my chopsticks. 

I don't want to continue my noodle fight under your watch, and I don't want to make a fool of myself in front of you. 

After watching TV for a while in the afternoon, I began to fold paper cranes for you, square paper with dark flowers, with different tones, thousand paper cranes, symbolizing good luck and blessing, each folding one, I would like to silently wish a happy birthday! 

You look at me intently, and I dare not look up at you, and then you say you teach me, I don't know how happy I am, I teach you carefully, you learn earnestly, in the teaching of hand correction, two young hearts unwittingly close to you, I suddenly feel like you, I see you looking at my watery eyes, the clear light in those eyes, like a lake in early summer, bright and warm, clean and clear. 

I know. You're supposed to like me. 

Please tell me, alas, why I love you so much. 

The two of us sat on the sofa opposite the TV, and then I felt you leaning against me on the sofa cushion. I was so nervous that I had to say vigorously, "it's time, it's time. Your mother is getting off work. I should go." 

Well, I was so confused about amorous feelings, but at that time my face was very hot, my body was very dry, I dared not move, stiff and unnatural, my heart was sweet, but I dared not think of anything else. 

You pouted, looked at me, and murmured, "are you still coming tomorrow?" 

I said if you like. 

It was the first time we met, and we broke up so reluctantly. 

In those days, the sky was very blue, the clouds were very light, and the pigeons spread their white wings flying over the city. The bright wings and white feathers were reflected into bright spots in the sunlight, which stung my eyes. But I looked at it all and felt so good. 

I almost sing with ease. It's good to be young and good to love.

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