Sweet tears-2

/October 2021

The second time I saw you, it was still in your home. 

You are still leaning against me and watching TV as you did last time, and the mat is between us and will slip away for a while, so I always have to keep tidying up its position. 

So I was a little impatient, and I don't know when I plucked up the courage to take away the cushion between us, and you snuggled shyly into my arms. 

Oh, for the first time we are so close, my heart beats too fast! 

You say, Weizi, I'm going to study in Qingdao. 

I know. 

I gently around you, that feeling is comfortable, the heart is very special happiness and satisfaction. 

I was wondering if you were leaving so you wouldn't give up on me, and I thought, don't go any further, after all, it's only the second time we meet. 

I deliberately stared straight at you, and finally seduced you to ask me, why do you always look at me? what is there to see? I said, "me, me. 

Want to kiss you "the voice is smaller than the mosquito hum, so you ask, what are you talking about?" 

I think, cut, you heard it clearly, and you pretended not to hear it. 

So I got closer to you and deliberately frightened you and said that I was going to kiss you, while I deliberately leaned forward. Look at the way you were scared, you said no! 


Don't you dare say no! 

If you dare to say anything, kiss it! 

Maybe I'd be scared by you, but you said no. 

So I will scare you once in a while to kill your authority. 

So you asked me, why do you want to kiss me so much, and I said, I do! 

Finally, you kissed me first, hum, let me kiss you no, but you kissed me first. 

You are so gentle, slowly come over, two small lips gently touch me, you pull! 

Kissed me. 

I wouldn't let you take advantage of me, so I began to fight back, and you avoided me with a smile. 

Finally, once my lips touched you, you feigned anger. 

I don't think I can bully you anymore, or I'll be miserable if you get angry. 

However, at this time, you gently closed your eyes, I was stunned and then suppressed the heartbeat, slowly kissing your lips. 

The taste of the first love is so beautiful, the pure kiss is so sweet, my heart is indescribably happy, my heart is beating suddenly, and the corners of my eyes are too soft to open. 

Then you will go to school in Qingdao. 

But you say you don't want to go. I'm so happy that you don't want to go. I know you don't want to leave me. 

To tell you the truth, I have never been willing to give up on you. I think that if you love someone, you should treat her like a relative, right? 

I asked you, "Why don't you want to go to school? because of what?" 

You looked at me and said angrily, "No reason." 

I said, "No, why not?" 

I know in my heart that you don't want to leave me, but I just want to verify it. 

So here comes your answer, and you say angrily, "for a pig, a stupid pig!" 

Hey, I can't stand looking at your lovely appearance. I can't stand to tease you like this, bulging your cheeks and pouting your little mouth. I can't help but hold you over and give you a big kiss on the tip of your nose! 

This is good, even my name on your QQ has been changed to "stupid pig", and you, haha, changed to "KISS stupid pig". 

However, have you ever known how deep my love for you is? just because you don't want to leave me to go to school, I decided to accompany you to Qingdao to go to university. I am willing to take care of you because you are so attached to me, and I have never been?! 

At that time, I fell out with my family. In a sense, I was still a child. I had just graduated and had no independence. I wanted to take a part-time job to take care of you to go to college. My family naturally tried to oppose it. 

And I betrayed my relatives, betrayed my family, and I packed my backpack without looking back. 

I have loved you so deeply that I am as clear as white water. If I love you, I will be responsible for you. 

At that time, I could not extricate myself. 

Everything was so sudden.

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