Sweet tears-3

/October 2021

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These days, my mood is so easily excited, like a ready flood. 

It was raining continuously, and love was as weak as flowers drenched by Rain Water. You didn't go to college, but you finally decided not to go to the university that needed to pay your expenses. You stayed and told me the news of the thunderbolt. You said it's so boring to be with me. You want to break up with me. 

What's wrong with me? what did I do wrong? however, would you please tell me? 

Let me understand that I can change. 

Is it inexplicable to break up like this, so short and in such a hurry that I can subvert myself into a bottomless abyss before I can shake off the sprout of the love I just started? 

I can't believe the scene in front of me is so quietly interpreted to the end, every pair of lovers do not want to be the protagonist of foam love, who is happy that the person they love is so erratic and unpredictable? am I just a passer-by in your life? 

Do you love me? 


I can't express it in words and it's impossible to express it at all. I'm such an introverted boy. The boy's fragility is not on the surface, and no matter how painful he is, he can't cry. 

There is a song "sad heart, does it hurt" in my ear? I don't know if you have ever been in pain, have you ever been in love? 

My heart is bleeding, I can not accept this sudden breakup, you cut my heart with a blunt knife, this pain makes me want to die, want to cry without tears. 

Your brain has been echoing your words, "do you think you are suitable for me?" 

I didn't get a chance to catch my breath. You made my head "buzz". Are you asking me? 

I couldn't believe my ears, I couldn't believe my eyes, I suspected that there was something wrong with my reaction, and my brain suddenly became a white wall. 

What do you mean by that? 

This sentence echoed in my ear and hovered into a huge stereo. What does it mean? 

Why can't I understand it? 

Oh, my God!!. 

However, every word you say is repeated in my head, stabbing my sensitive and fragile heart. I don't know how to answer this mean sentence that can drive me crazy. Is it possible that feelings are so vulnerable in front of a sentence?! 

You won, so I was defeated by you without the slightest hypocrisy, and you hurt my heart that is pure and foolishly in love with you. 

It was raining. I looked up and let Rain Water water my face wantonly. Only then did I dare to let the tears flow happily with Rain Water! 

The salty, bitter, taste, cementing the happy and sweet past, the unspeakable pain, the painful heart, the injured soul. 

Stumbling down the road, I was 19 years old. I was supposed to enjoy the happiness and happiness in love, but why did fate play such a trick on me? 


Am I just a doll you don't care about in your life? 

You have to let me know why! 

Is the love you once said so fragile? 

Is it possible that fate makes us come together but easily broken? 


If I had known it was like this, I would rather not have met you and loved you! 

How can you inadvertently look at me and walk away free and easy? how can you shut out a heart that loves you like garbage? 

What should I use to love you? 

What can I give you? 

My ran?! 

Although come, go, you are a cloud in the sky, occasionally projected on my heart, I do not need to be surprised, nor surprise, in an instant, disappeared, ancient poems, have experienced the same sadness, the same pain? … ….?. 

Seize the short rush between coming and going, I have nothing without you. 

I once heard such a story. 

A little boy said to a little girl, if I have a bowl of porridge, half of it will be given to my mother, and the other half will be given to you. 

From then on, the little girl fell in love with the little boy. 

Adults say that children know what love is. 

The little girl married someone else when she grew up, but when the little girl thought of that bowl of porridge, she knew that it was the most sincere love in her life! 

I think my love will only stay with you, every time I think of you, I have a lot left besides sadness. 

Whether you bring me happiness or sorrow, it is a line of poetry arranged by God's fate. 

Thank God, let us once have each other, thank fate, let us meet and love each other. 

Thank you for snuggling up to me in a happy moment. With your company, the kindness of fate is enough. 

My thoughts and feelings have been stuck in the days of love and refused to go, feeling the cruelty of the passage of time after the breakup, I do not want to be forgotten by you, the past, the present, the future, may not overlap, please forgive me, my cheeks, sweet tears.