Sweet years-1

/November 2021

At first, she was just one of his thousands of readers. 

He is in England and she is in America. 

He, who is good at writing about love, has never been married, while she has an imperfect family of her own. 

Her husband kept having an affair. Later, he fell in love with her cousin. As a last resort, they divorced. 

She came to England from America with her two children. 

In this way, he became a friend she could count on. 

That year, he was 55 and she was 38. 

They have a lot of close contact with each other, but they have nothing to do with love. 

Later, when her visa in the UK expires, she will leave the country, and the only way to stay is to marry a British citizen. 

He decided to help her and give her a marriage in the name of honor. 

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In this way, two people who have a certain affection for each other are arranged by fate to be nominally husband and wife. 

None of them expected that their relationship could go a step further. 

It is a frightening hand that pushes their relationship forward. 

One night, she fell inadvertently at home and broke her feet. 

Sent to the hospital for examination, unexpectedly found cancer, and is terminal. 

He was shocked. 

He suddenly realized that the harsh God was going to count down the time of this precious gift in his hands. 

It was the most miserable time for her-she was away from home, financially strapped, and suffering from a serious illness. 

She had a picture of her lying in a hospital bed, with white hair, blank eyes, and a haggard face. 

It was at this time that he fell in love with her and fell deeply in love with her. 

The writer and scholar, who has written too many love legends, finally had the opportunity to happily put himself into a true love legend. 

Their wedding was held in the hospital. 

The bride lies on the bed and the bridegroom sits on the edge of the bed. 

After marriage, they were "like a couple in their twenties on their honeymoon", falling in love with each other, and hand in hand sent away a thousand beautiful twilight.