Sweet years-2

/November 2021

The disease hit her again. 

She left with a tearful smile. 

He was left alone in the world. 

In the midnight of those crying blood, he picked up a pen and truly recorded the great grief after the loss of his wife. 

It was a book written for her and a book for himself. 

The book was translated into Chinese by a wise translator in Taiwan, and the title of the book is "Qingqing." 

He said that the fact that she had left shrouded everything like the sky. 

He was so desperate. 

He dared not sit in the beer house where they used to go, nor did he dare to go for a walk in the woods where they used to go. 

But he forced himself to go. 

With the tentacles of his love, he touched all the strands and dribs and drabs of their love. 

Too many unexpected moments, his old tears "burst into his eyes". 

He thought he would spend the rest of his life in this infinite grief. 

But no. 

He truthfully told her and also told the world that after the pain lasted more than ten days, he was like a patient who had his leg sawed off. After putting on a "prosthetic leg", he began to learn to walk on crutches. 

He was ashamed of the improvement in his mental state. "he felt obliged to cherish, brew and prolong his sorrow as much as possible." 

But he told her firmly that he did not want to be so vain. 

He wants to follow the order of life and live calmly with the heart of the beloved wife of "daughter and mother, student and teacher, subject and king". 

The truth, the bitter truth, shredded our painstaking idea of beauty, stuffing it into our arms as a gift of an ugly ending we didn't want to accept. 

We can't get rid of it. 

All we can do is to carry it patiently and rely on the "artificial limb" that we have cursed ten thousand times to drive forward step by step. 

Thanks to him-the great C.S. 


He wrote about the cleanest and most flawless love in the world; more importantly, he bravely cut open his heart and told Joey and the world that he was an ordinary "one of the dead". The water of life will not stop flowing because of the withering and yellow willows, and life still has to go on.

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