Tailor-made love-2

/October 2021

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After she ran into the rain, she turned around and waved the rose in her hand to me, and then I rushed out with her. 

I took her hand, has been running in the rain, the rain kept falling, wet the earth, wether, but also wet me. 

We stopped next to a KFC when we were all soaked. I looked at her petite body and looked at her graceful figure because Rain Water was wet, and then I felt my face burning like fire. 

I gently stroked her head, and then gently moved the hair that had covered half of her face, but at this time she suddenly blocked my hand and said, "No, don't pull my hair away. You'll regret it." 

I am very ugly. " 

I didn't believe her at all. I just hugged her tightly. I said, "No, punk, I don't care what you look like. I feel good about you." 

On the Internet, I found that you are a kind girl, in reality, I found that you are a lovely girl. 

Either of these two points is enough for me to love you deeply. " 

"Han, I love you, too. 

It's just that I have no face to see you. " 

"No, I love you. To love someone is to put up with all the good and bad of each other. No matter what you look like, I will love you well." 

With that, I began to kiss her hair, then kissed her forehead, kissed her lips, I gently plucked her hair, under that hair is such a beautiful face, so charming, why would she not feel beautiful enough? 

I said, punk, I didn't expect you to be so beautiful, why do you still call yourself ugly? 

Punk's eyes were a little moist. She looked up at me and said, "you don't think I'm ugly?" 

"you are already beautiful, and I was afraid you didn't like me because you were beautiful." 

She hugged me tightly. 

I said, "if you're hungry, let's go in and get something to eat." 

I pointed to KFC. 

The people inside looked at us curiously. 

Punk said, "I'm going to eat a big, big drumstick." 

"No problem," 

I said. 

After we sat down, punk covered his right face with his hair. I said, why do you cover your face? don't you think you should show your beauty for others to watch? 

"But I am afraid of being looked down upon by others." 

"No one will despise you, and they have no reason to despise you. 

Isn't it? " 


Punk smiled and nodded. 

Then he plucked his hair away to reveal a beautiful and pure face. 

After that day, we established a romantic relationship. 

When we fell in love for a while, she took me to her school to meet her friends. They all looked at me with a sharp eye and chirped, "not bad, punk, you have to cherish it." 

Then they surrounded me and said, "you have to be nice to punk, you know?" 

Otherwise, we won't let you go. " 

Later, when I asked her why, she said that because of all the stories between her and me, her friends knew from the beginning. 

I asked her why she told them this. 

"because of this birthmark on my face, I like to cover myself with my hair a lot of times," she said. 

Walking down the street, I will feel a strange look at me all the time, and then I will feel panic. 

Later, when I came to this school, many boys thought I was beautiful when they saw me, so they whistled at me one after another, but as soon as the wind blew, my hair blew open, and then the boys who witnessed my true face became dumb. 

I became very silent and began to be isolated from the outside world. Later, my friends couldn't bear to see me like this, so they took me online and unexpectedly met you. You were my first netizen and my only netizen. So I told them all about you and me and asked them what to do. 

It's as simple as that. " 

Those guys in our dorm room were also very unfriendly when they first met punk because of the red birthmark on punk's face. 

More than three months later, they told me that it would be great to find such a nice girl as punk as my girlfriend. 

Now punk and I still love each other deeply. we plan to get married as soon as we graduate from college. I think our love will be happy and our love will be Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling). 

The reason why Ah Fei used his hair to cover his face, the reason why she is very ugly is that her right face has a red birthmark, this birthmark is undoubtedly like a beautiful jade flaw, seriously affecting her beauty. 

However, she is the most beautiful in my eyes, because I am red and green blind, can not see the birthmark on her face, therefore, she is the most beautiful in my eyes, in my heart is also the most beautiful. 

I wrote the story of my girlfriend and me to tell everyone that God is fair. Even if God gives you a face with a birthmark, he will let a color-blind appear in your life and let you two interpret the chapter of love together.