Tailor-made love-1

/October 2021

I met her on the Internet. Her net name is punk. I said punk you are a man. Does she say this is very important? I said if you are a man, we will be buddies, if you are a woman, we will be lovers! She said, Oh, well, I'll tell you what, I'm a man and I'm younger than your QQ profile. I said, ah, then you will call me boss, and I will call you little brother. She said she was acting like a gangster. I said that it is now fashionable to learn from Hong Kong, but she said helplessly, "all right."
In this way, she and I became friends who talked about everything. Later, after she told me that she was a woman, she changed her net name to GG. I asked her if she was Gigi Leung, and she said no, but she was prettier than Gigi Leung. I said how could you be so shameless? I said I was beautiful. She said why don't you come and have a look. I said yes. Where is it? She said whatever you want.
I went without thinking. I didn't even know if she was joking with me, but I couldn't help believing her and hurried to the place I had arranged.
When I got on the bus, it was still clear, but when I got off, it began to drizzle.
Under the small pavilion at the terminal, I saw a very graceful girl. She was wearing a white coat and a pair of white jeans. I thought she must be the girl I wanted to see, exactly like the one she described earlier. Braving the light rain, I hurried to the pavilion and pretended to be a passer-by, but I couldn't help but secretly look at her. She is really beautiful. Although she is not as tall as Gigi Leung, she is beautiful enough to make up for her lack of altitude.
I waited quietly for the rain to slow down, but the weather was not beautiful, but it kept raining. I have been standing behind her secretly looking at her, maybe she has been used to being peeped at by boys, so she looks very leisurely. The rain is still falling, I am still looking at her, she is still looking at the distance, as if waiting for something, time is still going, a second, a minute, a quarter of an hour, an hour.
More than an hour later, she was still standing there watching, and I just looked at her for more than an hour.
The weather is getting colder and the wind is blowing harder and harder. She shivered, hugged herself tightly in her hands, and sat in a corner of the pavilion as if I were still in pity. When I read it, I couldn't say whether I was moved or happy.
What a lovely girl. I think.
I went to her and sat down. I said, "Little sister, are you waiting for someone?"
She nodded and said nothing.
"waiting for netizens?"
She suddenly turned to me and said, "Yes, why?"
"Why do girls like to meet netizens nowadays? if they don't come, don't you have to wait a lifetime?"
"I'm sure he'll come. I believe in him. I can feel that he is an honest man. "
A gust of wind blew, wind and sand blew into my eyes, I rubbed it with my hands, and my tears came out unexpectedly. I have always been a strong person, I never shed tears, but at that moment, I was moved by her. What a lovely girl, I can't help but love.
I rushed out of the pavilion, then ran to the nearest flower shop to buy a bunch of roses, and then flew back to the pavilion. But the girl is gone. I looked around, hoping to find her, but in vain.
The rain still goes on and on, wetting the earth and my heart.
I sat in the corner where she had just sat, and I was very annoyed. I hated myself. I hated myself for missing the acquaintance of a very kind and beautiful girl. I clasped my head tightly and felt a little dizzy. Then I gave a loud cry and slammed the bouquet to the ground.
I don't know what else I can do now. I sat there with my eyes a little dim.
After a while, when I opened my eyes, when I looked up, I saw punk standing in front of me with the bouquet of roses in his hand, looking at me motionless.
"Why did you throw away such a good bouquet of roses? If you don't like it, will you give it to me? "
My eyes were a little dim with tears, and I said again and again, "Yes."
I looked at her, she looked at me, and I saw her tilting her head and smiling at me. I finally squeezed out a smile and said, "you are a punk, aren't you?" (knowingly) didn't you leave? (actually don't want her to leave) Why did you come back? (of course, I'm glad she's back.) "
"How can I find out if you are the one I'm waiting for if I don't leave? From the moment you got out of the car, I guessed that you were in the cold of Chu Meng. But I don't know why you won't recognize me, so I just. "
"this bouquet."
"These flowers are beautiful. I like them very much."
"No, I mean that the bouquet is broken. I want to give you another gift."
"what do you give?"
"I wonder if you will accept it?"
"I'll take it. I'll take everything."
"can I give myself to you?"
"what do you think?" With that, she ran into the rain.
Do whatever it takes to fall in love.

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