Taylor's Life-and-death Love with Burton-1

/October 2021

"can you give me another chance to get together with you?" 

In a dimly lit room, a man in his twilight years wrote a letter painstakingly with a headache. 

The room was filled with sadness and loneliness, but his words were as affectionate as ever: "although there are so many ups and downs, my love for you has never diminished." 

The man died of a cerebral hemorrhage that night. 

A few days later, the letter was delivered to his former wife, Elizabeth Taylor, known as the "jade girl". 

This man is Richard Burton. 

Be madly in love. 

Burton will never forget seeing Taylor for the first time. 

In 1951, at the age of 26, he came to California for the first time to enjoy sunbathing. 

The beach wine made him so excited that he couldn't calm down for a moment. 

But in an instant he froze: "a girl is sitting up from the beach chair, taking off her sunglasses and looking at me in this direction." 

Her lazy body, deep eyes, slightly open lips. 

It's so beautiful! 

I feel like I'm out of breath. 

I was shocked by her beauty. " 

However, for the young man who came out of the Welsh miner's family and had only three years of stage experience, the girl was not like him. 

It was a brief encounter, the two did not talk, and they did not see each other again for 11 years. 

However, when they met again, the eyes of the whole world fell on them. 

On January 22, 1962, Boqin and Taylor played the leading roles in Cleopatra. 

As soon as the golden wind and jade dew meet, it wins but there are countless people in the world. 

When Taylor, with heavy Egyptian eye shadow, walked into the shoot, Burton went straight to her and said, "did anyone ever tell you that you are a beauty?" 

Days later, Taylor often smiled and recalled Alton's first chat-up: "it's hard to imagine that this is how we started!" 

Cleopatra became a classic for the two and made them fall in love. 

The two rented a pink villa in a small port town in Italy. 

Taylor often recalls that time: "We spent weekends together and had our barbecue." 

We love the life here-- we love it! " 

Burton affectionately called her "the ocean" and thought she was the creation of nature and a gift from God. 

On March 15, 1964, Burton and Taylor, who broke through a lot of resistance, finally got married quietly in Montreal, Canada. 

Taylor wore a yellow chiffon dress, her high hair was covered with hyacinths and lilies, and she wore the diamond brooch Burton had bought for her. 

A large number of reporters were shut out, and the only thing Burton said to the media was: "Elizabeth and I are very happy, very happy." 

After the marriage, Burton took his wife by the hand and stepped onto the stage, and said in a loud Welsh tone: "this is the last time we get married, and our relationship will not suffer any more setbacks." 

The whole audience stood up and cheered with excitement.

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