Taylor's Life-and-death Love with Burton-2

/October 2021

Vows are no match for reality. 

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But in fact, this is for lovers who can only love each other but not each other, they are like two blazing flames, they love so deeply at first sight as if they can meet all obstacles, and once they get close to each other, they will be burned by each other and have to be separated by pain. 

He was addicted to alcohol, and her hot temper became the biggest obstacle in their relationship. 

Taylor, who likes to infuriate Burton, said: "Richard is like a bomb that explodes easily." 

Wherever we go, there will be swords and swords. " 

In the quarrels day and night, it seems that only a luxurious life can bring them happiness. 

They each drive a Rolls-Royce. Hers is green and he is silver. 

He bought a twin-engine yacht for $1 million and named it "Elizabeth". He also bought her the most beautiful and expensive jewelry in the world, including a 33.19-carat diamond. 

In the spring of 1973, the two went to Rome together, but they couldn't stay in the same room because of a quarrel. 

Late at night, the sleepless Burton wrote to Taylor, who lived next door: "We are all crazy, and unfortunately, we are unrepentant." 

Burton is miserable after every fight. 

In a letter, he wrote sincerely, "God punished Prometheus because he stole the fire; God punished me because I took a fire and tried to put it out, and it was you." 

We always fight for no reason, which makes me miserable. 

But the biggest reason we torture each other is that I love you whether we are together or not. " 

Although they loved each other from the bottom of their hearts, and despite their efforts to maintain the marriage, they inevitably separated on June 26, 1974. 

After the divorce, the two met again in Geneva. 

Taylor burst into tears in Burton's arms. 

In the face of the media, she made no secret of their feelings: "We love each other very much and will not be separated except for life and death." 

Separation is only temporary, perhaps to be better together in the future. 

God bless us to get through this difficult time. Please pray for us. " 

A few months after the divorce, Burton couldn't help thinking about Taylor and began to write love letters to her like crazy. 

There is reason in the letter: "as God is my witness, I care about your happiness, not who you are with." 

There is resentment: "now the person you are dating must be nice to you. If he can't do that, I will take a hammer and brick to get even with him!" 

About cutting: "if someone hurts you, you call me and say,' I need you, and I'll be there at supersonic speed." 

There is a heartfelt expression of love: "the most magical word in the world is your name." 

And sadness in despair: "the most essential problem, the scariest and most frustrating fact, is that we have been misunderstanding each other, and our minds are very different." 

He turned his tears into a whisper on the letter paper: "you have to take good care of yourself."... 

No matter how bad I have been to you, you should know that I love you very much! 

Come back to me as soon as possible! 

I am not a qualified husband, but love can overcome all differences. " 

After drinking to drown his sorrows, Burton couldn't help calling Taylor to meet him, as if he wanted to seize the opportunity to renew his old relationship. 

When the two met, he looked at Taylor as a child for help, with heartbreaking eyes: "you just don't want to come back to me?" 

On October 10, 1975, Taylor and Burton remarried in the southern African country of Botswana. 

At the wedding, Taylor affectionately said: "Honey, I want to tell you, this is the last time, we want to stay together, we never need to get married again-and of course, we don't want a divorce." 

But the marriage lasted only nine months and ended in a quarrel.