Ten Years of Jasmine

/September 2021

At the age of 17, he fell in love with the girl in the next class, the beautiful and talented girl. The first time he read her articles in the school magazine, he moved his mind, so he copied them down line by line. Because he liked them, he was willing to secretly see her at the crossing where she passed and in the reading room where she went. In fact, she noticed him. Such an outstanding boy is often discussed by girls-he is tall and Shuai Shuai, and he studies well!

Ten years after Jasmine's eyes crossed, he looked over and asked softly: Can I like you? The girl didn't answer but took out a handful of jasmine flowers from her bag. The white jasmine flowers were fragrant and then said to him: Open your hands. He gently opened his hand, and the girl put the bouquet in his palm, then turned and ran away.

A year later, they were admitted to the university. He is in the south and she is in the north.

She asked: Is the jasmine still there?

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He replied: Yes, four years later, I will propose to you with these beautiful jasmine flowers. They loved each other deeply when Hongyan handed down the book. In the year of graduation, she rented a house in Beijing, and then said to him: Beijing after graduation, let's build a nest for our love together. Unexpectedly, he said: No, I think Shanghai is quite good, so let's break up. She said over the long telephone line, "I can go to Shanghai. And he said: This is not the problem of Shanghai and Beijing, but the loss of love. Her heart cooled down, and she didn't expect this result, but what's the point of pestering her? So she put down the phone and said a word before putting it down: Give me back my things. She refers to the bag of jasmine flowers.

A few days later, she called again: Give me back my jasmine flower. He said: Save it as a souvenir.

Five years later, she became the vice president of a company, and there were always many pots of jasmine flowers in the house. Once she was in charge of recruiting employees, and a candidate came in and said, "When I was working in Shanghai, one of my colleagues loved to plant jasmine flowers, which filled the house with fragrance." Her heart moved a bit.

In the end, she asked casually: What's the name of that man? The man who applied for the job said three words and she stayed there. When he was stunned, the man who applied for the job said, "But he is blind. He said that he can't see with his eyes. If he can't smell the fragrance of jasmine again, this life will be boring."

She almost fainted, and the man said that the man was blind five years ago, learned Braille, and took shorthand in that company. She only felt that it was dark, and it was his unbearable feeling that she was so heartless.

When she got on the plane to Shanghai, she packed many fresh jasmine flowers in perfume bags. At the moment she saw him, she stood quietly for a good half-day and said she wouldn't cry, but her tears still filled her face, because she didn't know whether he was married or even a father, or was as stupid as her, and frozen her love for a relationship. Smelling the fragrance of flowers in the air, he asked softly, who brought jasmine flowers? She walked up to him and said softly, Open your hands. He suddenly froze. For a long time, he almost shook his hand and opened it. She poured a bag of fresh jasmine flowers into his hand and said to him: This is jasmine flowers ten years later, just as fragrant and beautiful as it was at the beginning. His tears, one drop after another, fell on the jasmine flowers, which were more beautiful and vivid because of the most tears. She took his hand: Can I still be the most beautiful jasmine flower in your heart?

He held her in his arms carefully and said, "That jasmine flower has been blooming in my heart for ten years, and she has always been the most beautiful one!"