That's how we met-1

/November 2021

Is it meant to be, or is it anachronistic? 

The two encounters with him are so light and light, even if they want to do so, they also suffer from loss. Free and easy words and deeds can hide their inner persistence, but it is hard to hide what they really want after all. 

On her ex-boyfriend's wedding day, she came to the bar alone for the first time, sitting alone at the corner of the bar, the kind of music played by a band. 

People were dancing in front of the stage, but she turned a blind eye to it. The music was playing in her ears, but she could not hear it. 

She remembered the joy of her first acquaintance, the sweetness of love, the clues that kept her awake all night, and the verdict riddle that made her heart-wrenching. Now, with a wedding, it has become completely meaningless. She only feels that the whole world has been pulled away. 

I also occasionally noticed that the boy standing only in the other seat was very clean and special. 

Every now and then, the three beauties around me laughed, but they didn't seem to be close to anyone. Most of the time, they just looked at the front and swayed gently, never toasting and sometimes drinking by themselves. 

"so what, it's just a playboy. What's that got to do with me?" 

In such a flash of thought, she picked up the straw again. 

It's just that there won't be anyone like him, but he's married today. 

Although he was heartbroken, he still couldn't help paying attention to all kinds of updates about him. Although he was no longer in touch, he kept fantasizing about all kinds of encounters. 

However, it is a small city that can often meet different acquaintances at different times and locations, but it has never been reunited again. 

Unwittingly, the straw had been bitten by her so that she could no longer drink the stinging wine, like tears that had long been dry. 


They say you're an iceberg. 

So I risked losing and came to ask for your number. 

Do me a favor, or you'll have three drinks in a row. " 

She woke up from her contemplation and looked up to see the special boy. 

A faint smile with a touch of evil, but with eyes that are so clear that one cannot bear to look away. 

"I'm really not in the mood." 

Like a small animal afraid of looking at each other, she turned her face like a raving answer. 

The boy's insipid voice once again rang in her ear, and rang through her heart like a bell. 

She looked back in a tremor that was almost invisible to the naked eye. 

The smile and eyes that have never changed are no longer evil, sincere and pure. 

Then leave a phone number, she thought, as adventure and indulgence.

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