That's how we met-2

/November 2021

Tonight, looking back on that encounter, it is hard to judge whether it is doomed or inappropriate. 

With the providence of bidding farewell to the New year and welcoming the New year, she tried to encourage some courage in her heart, but she feared whether such convergence was just a continuation of the last tragedy. 

Maybe God just doesn't like his children to figure out their intentions. 

After that day, the number never called. 

If she had called and asked for an appointment the next day, she would have been a frivolous playboy as expected, but a few days later, she seemed to have some hopes, which she felt was really contradictory. 

But she knew she wouldn't take the initiative to call. 

With the change of busyness and sadness, the days fade away. I only occasionally think of that English sentence and guess what kind of boy it is until we meet for the second time. 


It's a small world. We meet again. " 

"Yes, hello." 

She doesn't like to go to parties, but she can't beat a bunch of people who want to celebrate her classmates' birthday. in fact, she doesn't want to face so many people at all. 

Unexpectedly, he was also one of the friends called by his classmates. Oh, this city is really not big. 

Is really a strange boy, last time accompanied by three beautiful women, this time everyone is good at it. 

Naturally, he also noticed once again that she, who had been sitting on the sidelines because she could not adapt to the atmosphere, sat next to her with the same signature smile as last time and began to talk to her. 

"so, are you in a better mood lately?" 

He looked at her with the same abrupt remark as last time. 

"well, it's better. Why did you suddenly say that the other day?" 

"I seem to feel it, just like I did some time ago." 

"then how are you all right?" 

"I try to believe that what is not given to me is not the best thing for me. 

In the end, I was really sure that as long as I abandoned my thoughts and firmly believed that God would not be ruthless. "

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