That's how we met-3

/November 2021

"I try to believe that what is not given to me is not the best thing for me. 

In the end, I was sure that as long as I abandoned my thoughts and firmly believed that God would not be ruthless. " 

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He smiled again. 

What he said, probably as people miss, is often not a city, but the youth he spends there, the process of making all kinds of efforts there. 

But if you feel cold living there, no matter how many scenic spots there are, even if you are distressed, you will still make a living elsewhere. 

It was only after that that the exchanged phone numbers worked. 

Text messages, phone calls, she learned that he is the bank account manager. 

They all love art, so they sometimes watch art exhibitions and performances together. 

Maybe he is just like her. 

I do not know whether it is because she is still hesitant about the social talent, or whether she is unwilling to deal with it, or whether she is just curious and prefers to sympathize with each other, she did not put him in an important position. 

Sometimes think of the past depressed, but also confide to him, he is only using a touch of words to enlighten.

There are always some amazing encounters, for example, when I meet you. 

Your gentle and transparent eyes appear in my dream my love is like a cloud in your sky. 

How eager to turn into bursts of light rain. Nourish the land in your heart. No matter what happens in the future, 

At least we're happy now. No matter how it ends, At least you are the one I miss. I won't think of it as a game. 

Because I care about you. There are always some things that can't be mentioned. 

I'm afraid you'll fall into multiple-choice questions. I put the selfish side of my feelings