The ability to love

/September 2021

Love breaks everyone's heart, love makes everyone cry, but when love comes, no one can resist it. 

Everyone has a chance for love; before love, everyone is equal. 

Why are some people so lucky to meet a male god, win happiness and become a winner in life? 

You know, opportunities are for those who are prepared, and so is love. 

In this complicated world, many people still believe in love even though they have been hurt and shed tears. This may be the unique charm of love. 

But have you ever thought that when love comes, how can we not miss and regret it? 

To have the ability to grasp love, stay in love, is the true meaning of love, and this, we need to have the ability to love and be loved. 

Under the microscope, no love is perfect. 

The people who can find true love are not only those who are lucky but also those who still believe in love after being scarred. 

And love a person is also self-love. 

Love makes us realize that we could have been better people. 

Love is a kind of ability, want to love a person needs to have the ability to love, but it is not a simple specific ability, but a comprehensive ability, including five different aspects. 

Emotion management. 

Everyone is like this: only if you manage your emotions well can you have the ability to love others. 

People who can't manage their emotions often make people in love with them very painful, easy to hurt others, and may even make people miss the opportunity to love. 

Tell the story. 

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Express your needs, thoughts, and feelings lovingly. 

The mistake that people often make in expression and communication is that they either keep their emotions or needs unspoken, keep them in their hearts, and break out, or they often express and communicate in the form of accusations and complaints. 

Endure hurting yourself, blaming and complaining about hurting each other. 

And storytelling is the most appropriate way to communicate in an emotional relationship, making people understand that "that's what you think." 


Understand and support each other and be considerate. 

This is what we all crave. 

We hope that our loved ones will treat us like this and that those who love each other will have this ability, but many people can't do it. They are used to being reasonable and educating each other, without knowing that what they need are empathy and empathy. It's "I say you understand, I don't have to say you can understand." 


Respect differences and allow growth. 

Most of the time, the reason why lovers quarrel and disagree is that they are not allowed to be different from themselves, do not allow each other to have certain shortcomings, and want to control or change each other, but do not know that love is actually to give the person you love space, including the space to make mistakes. 


Be yourself, and the other person will become better. 

Everyone will change, and people in a love relationship will change because of each other. It can be said that a person who finds a different lover will become a different person. 

People may get better and better, or they may get worse and worse. 

What do you do to make the other person better and better? 

It depends on the ability to influence. 

Similarly, the ability to win happiness must be due to the ability to be loved. 

A lot of women say I want to find a good man, just be nice to me. 

No matter the women who have not met or entered the besieged city, they all have the same dream, but why don't you think: why should this good man be nice to you? 

And just be nice to you all the time? 

Because you're a beautiful woman? 

Because of your higher education? 

Or is it your good family? 

There is no skill, no goal ideal, even do not know what they like to do; do not want to endure hardships, do not want to work hard to live a beautiful life, just pin their hopes on "finding a good man who is good to me". 

On what grounds? 

One year, when Hillary and Clinton were driving past a gas station, Hillary suddenly noticed that the workers at the gas station looked familiar. Hillary Clinton told Clinton that he was my first lover. 

Clinton joked to her that if you hadn't been with me, maybe your husband would have been a handyman at a gas station. 

But Hillary Clinton said to Clinton, No, if he married me, he would be the president. 

There is a kind of woman who is happy to marry anyone. 

Because she can love and be loved to make her marriage happy. 

Sometimes, whether you are happy or not has nothing to do with who you marry. 

If you don't believe it, look around you. For women who can be happy, even if they don't choose their current spouse and change the course of their lives, the people they marry will not be so bad. 

Why is that? 

This is a proposition that many stupid men and women can't figure out. Why is the fate of others so good? 

Because they can be fully worthy of love, and based on this ability to establish their criteria for mate selection. 

They are qualified to choose a good husband who is a "perfect match" with them and establish a happy marriage. 

This portal is a woman's insight, vision, speech, expertise, professional ability, and worldview. 

The ability to love and be loved is that when the love we have always believed and looked forward to comes, we can catch it.