The beauty of everything turned out to be you

/October 2021

The world is like a sequence of scenery, and she is outside the frame, do not know where she is, what night. 

All he knew was that there was someone she had to meet. 

-- inscription. 

There are too many unexpected encounters in life, some people rub shoulders with you, perhaps just the most common passers-by in life, but some people rub shoulders with you but let him live deeply in your heart, no matter whether it is full of wind and rain in the future, you are willing to accompany him in this life, the reason is you. 

The first meeting was in the middle of the summer afternoon, the sun passed through the layers of green leaves of the campus trees, sprinkled mottled light and shadow, you and I met in this way, with the same yearning for dreams, side by side as new members at the door of the club, the encounter was only a brief brush, you and I did not pay attention, just a brief exchange of names, but now think about it, all the stories begin with this predestined encounter. 

The real acquaintance is not the club activities but on that day. 

Time flows quickly, it was early autumn, early autumn afternoon, with the bleak autumn wind, you met me who wept silently in the corner of the playground, everything was like an idol drama, you came to me in a low voice to comfort me, and I cried quietly on your shoulder, the only difference is that the plot in the idol drama is to become lovers, but you and I choose to be brother and sister for life. 

I always believe that affection lasts longer than love, because I don't want to lose, so I choose to be brother and sister with you. For us, this may be the best gesture. We all take each other so seriously that we always speak carefully for fear of making each other unhappy. We always pay silently and don't want to put too much pressure on each other. 

It is so important that you are always willing to meet each other's wayward demands unconditionally, although this may not be what you and I want. 

Perhaps, the relationship between you and me will be more than brother and sister too much, but we are willing to pretend to be stupid, willing to continue to play like brother and sister, because of the encounter, it is you. 

Now, we grow up day by day, mature day by day, to transform into the best appearance for each other, the college entrance examination, four examination papers, scattered for three years, we are regarded as "truth" by all of us, but for us, it seems that it has never been effective. At the end of the college entrance examination for more than a month now, we still have no interruption and contact with each other, perhaps in the future, we are destined to go to different places and make different friends. 

But I always believe that we will still miss each other deeply from afar, and the two cold words of time and space are also doomed not to push you and me to different shores, because we have made a very serious agreement, if we miss each other, no matter how far apart, also want to go to this beautiful goodbye. 

The future road is full of confusion, full of unknown, I can not predict, also can not predict, remember there is a change: we never know which will come first tomorrow or accident, but even if the future is full of thorns, we have to try to create our way, for ourselves, but also for us to become better brothers and sisters of each other, the road ahead is difficult, but still do not forget to move forward, if tired, I remember you once said. 

You are my haven, although not big, can let me have a good rest, then similarly, I am also your haven, also not big, but I will give you all my warmth. 

Brother, it is you, thank you among thousands of people for letting me meet, in the boundless wilderness of time, thank you for meeting me just right, because of you, my youth has been marked with beautiful notes one by one; just because of you, let my future, no matter how big the wind and rain, have no fear because you are by my side. 

Flowers bloom and fall, time flies, everything is beautiful is you, life is born of you.

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