The bright moon still shines on the window-2

/October 2021

Perhaps there are thousands of scenery in the world, turning around is just a moment, but there is always a flower that has bloomed in my heart, there is always a plant that has been gentle with each other, and there is always a painting that is painstakingly inked. 

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Since any kind of fate in the prosperous world will be shown in a unique way, then meet, is also happy, flowers bloom and fall are also beautiful. 

Always believe that everyone who walks through life is predestined with himself, and every story that has happened is the memory of the years. 

Thanksgiving is the most beautiful morning language, understand, is the ladder of telepathy, if you want to travel, I will send you a good mountain and water, this way of scenery, do not need to remember too much, just remember, that poem called meeting, has also been warm, but also has a thousand twists and turns. 

Some words, say or not, understand each other, do not speak the deepest; some people, come or not, all in the heart, miss the most true; some feelings, love and not love, are warm, meet the most beautiful. 

Three thousand feet of the world of mortals, but time like water, how many stories, turned into spring mud in reincarnation; how many true feelings, in the cold and warm into flying snow, a heart hurt, a thought beautiful, those hearts accompanied by the days, is to let the fleeting years full of fragrance. 

There are countless post stations in life, smiling to say goodbye to the past, reaching out to pick up a piece of love petals, storing a touch of heart fragrance for you, so that life can rejoice in the encounter and let the eyes smile in the fragrance. 

How many years such as water, the obsession will be written into unforgettable, how much the past into poetry, the falling flowers will be written into beauty. 

This long road, there will be some beautiful precipitation, properly placed in the bottom of my heart, just like the little time of that year, all the strands are just right, and when I meet the person I like, the softness and expectation at the bottom of my heart seem to be covered with the lightness and warmth of the spring rain. 

Fate, such as water, will eventually gather and disperse, but those memorable past will become unreplicable scenery in life, leaving a slight mark in the long river of time, a warm flower in the pale memory, no matter how far away, will be because of these small feelings and warm.