The bright moon still shines on the window-3

/October 2021

The road of life is always inseparable from joys and sorrows, because of experience, so I understand that not all dreams have expectations, and how many feelings there are, there are thoughts that cannot be closed; how many people have become flowers waiting across the water, after a hundred turns and thousands of times, gradually learned to cry with their back to the crowd, turn around and smile, learn to keep their minds sealed and hidden, and some of the past should be supported by strength. 

Every time, Yingying turned behind, there has been what kind of pain and endurance, those who have opened in the heart of the flowers, is how blooming and fragrant, and how desolate and withered, in the end, has nothing to do with the wind moon. 

Long way, will eventually meet and arrive, those worldly circumstances, gently remember, may this life be safe, heart, no longer wandering. 

Time tosses and turns, the old imprint, yesterday's summer flowers, gradually melt into the depths of the years, rippling fluctuations, will eventually return to calm. 

Dusty feelings, is the bottom of the heart of a river of spring water, filled with cold and warm intertwined years. 

Time, sometimes a little light, a person's road, always quiet, quiet some barren, do not need to sigh, just plant the sun in the heart, fate, will always be some stories, arranged in good order, in the twists and turns to give you bright and warm. 

A flower, blooming in spring, is beautiful; a green leaf, reflected in the eyes, is fresh; a person, put in the heart, is missing. 

In this world, there is always a scenery, although there are thousands of ways, see will not forget; there is always a person, although after thousands of twists and turns, meet do not regret; dusty, is the appearance of the first acquaintance, and moved, but forever in the heart, those looking back is the warmth of the tree we met. 

Perhaps, the eyes of time will never write for anyone forever, all the past, one day will disappear in the green, fat, red and thin all the way, the road, the years are well, the heart flowers in the sunshine of life, blooming a delicate and graceful affection. 

Would like to use if the shallow water, in exchange for you this life sunny good, this understanding, the years stay. 

There is a kind of encounter, doomed to miss, but it is the deepest memory in life; there is a flower that is doomed to bear fruit, but it is the fragrance of the road of life; there are some stories that are doomed to have no ending, but it is the most beautiful freehand brushwork in the world of mortals, only wish that winter snow is like a poem, autumn is still beautiful, and the moon still shines on the window.

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