The broken chapter of love-2

/October 2021

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You told me that you like him unconditionally, just as I like you. 

I understand this feeling. I close my hair on my forehead and do not comment on your story. 

Today, many years later, you may understand what kind of infatuation you have failed and what kind of season you have missed. 

At that time, I made up my mind to like you. How could I not go through wind and rain at the same time? 

But as far as I'm concerned, that's just what I think. It has nothing to do with you. 

Now, I have to let go, my sadness flows into a westerly wind, which blows in my world for a long time. 

I give a banquet for the past, and the beginning is the end. 

Waving the hand finally did not retain you. 

Autumn wind is raging in my world, my friend, can you read my mood at that time? 

Do you understand how I felt at the time? 

No one can read my mind, for this, I am very sad. 

I lit a cigarette and let the smoke float with my mind-I wanted to play it down. 

Smoke blackened my fingers, but I still did not return from the past, the heartbeat rhythm has become a melody, playing for you forever. 

Will you be happy about it? 

Burning everything written for you is like burning my soul. 

I know it's time for me to go and stay away from this world that doesn't belong to me. 

We should also forget how a lonely boat bears the pain of going up against the current. 

I close my hands in my heart, bless you, and wish you a happy life. 

Without you, the heart loses its strong strength and can only lie dormant in fantasies. I know it is difficult to get out of all kinds of beautiful fantasies with you. 

I want to write something about you, but I think about it carefully, but there is nothing to write about. All I can write is my mood and my feelings after you left. 


I can only grieve again. 

I finally couldn't stop thinking about you madly. 

It is like a lovebird carrying heavy Acacia, getting rid of the barrier of thousands of mountains and rivers, and finally flying to your side. 

The letter six months later brought me a great deal of joy to a man who had no illusions. 

I put the pain and loneliness brought by the long-term expectation into the frontier fortress. 

With your reply, I can no longer abuse myself. 

I know that love is not sowing golden seeds, you can harvest green hope. 

I have known for a long time that you still live your own life, and I still have to live my life, but I am very comfortable writing to you. 

All the pressure on my heart, the pressure on me can not breathe, I can not stand it. 

To tell you the truth, I have to thank you for making me feel the joy and bitterness of giving. 

When I understand this, my heart is very calm. 

But how should I live without you in the future? 

I'm confused. 

In the end, I couldn't stop myself from being alone again. I spent the long night under a room of crude light. I'm afraid life between you and me will be very different because of the space barrier. At this point, I have a feeling of tears. 

When the moon bends, so does Acacia. 

If there is a full moon, what will happen to lovesickness? 

I don't know and no one told me. 

Others say that the power of love is enough to dominate everything, and it will bring happiness as well as pain. 

But what about my love? 

What does it bring to me? 

So far, I haven't found the answer. 

For so many years, I have been clinging to my silence and have not changed. 

This indifferent silence is amazing. 

Perhaps, silence is the avoidance that I dare not face the reality squarely. 

It is not easy to erase a loved one from your heart, even if you find that she is not worthy of your love. 

If that's the case, it only means that the love you gave was not really in the first place. 

I have become helpless, wandering around and becoming a sinner who has not committed a crime, but all this makes me feel even more uncomfortable without you. 

They all say that sincere love is produced in labor, in the common life of both parties, and can stand the test of time and money. 

I am stunned, you are just a red cloud I look up at, so far away from me, how can we talk about labor, how to talk about living together, but my love has stood the test of time and money, what should be called? 

Isn't it true love? 

I'm confused. 

I love you, the more hidden, the more difficult it is to erase you from the heart. 

I love to call you, who knows, where I dare to forget the definition of timidity and parallel lines. 

At that moment, I was moved, and I even shed precious tears in the face of the past. 

I heard your voice, I wiped my eyes hard, your words are no longer indifferent. 

You said that in addition to love, there is also friendship. 

My eyes changed from clear to blurred and covered with a thin layer of tears.