The broken chapter of love-3

/October 2021

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A long time ago, I lost my joy and let the cries of red-lipped birds drag the blue sky far away. 

I used to turn the night into a circle, encircle my irregular surges and thoughts, and tried to stick my feet out of the window, count my toes, and devise a plan to get out of confusion, but everything failed because I still had some expectations for you. 

Sometimes, love, this thing doesn't work, it doesn't solve any problems. 

The rain on the glass can only be used to weave a colorful ideal world. 

To tell you the truth, I have always thought that love is beautiful, which, like the setting of trophies, always leaves people with great hope and temptation. 

But after the end of the song, some scars were vividly remembered. 

That kind of pain can not be faced with. 

You have your happiness, but also have your own emotional life, and I am still in the world without you, very tired, but also very helpless. 

The dark sky gives the best interpretation of the mood. 

I put on headphones, let the crazy music roar in my ear, but still can not make me return from the illusion, that kind of inexplicable feelings gush from the depths of my heart, empty thousands of repressed, but this feeling is not up to me. 

Can I forget you and be happy easily? 


I don't know. 

For such a long time, I have been like a tramp, only relying on an infatuation to pursue the emotion that will never belong to me. 

I don't know. How long will it take to live like this? 

At this time the wind shakes, the moon shakes, I know, your smile must also shake, the mood must also shake. 

To wait for you, I stood under the neon lights as a kind of scenery, waiting for you for a century. 

Can you understand the vagrant music composed of missing from the depths of life? 

I have a lot of stories, waiting for you to end, waiting for you to draw an end. 

For this wish, I let the streetcars trample on my line of sight at will. 

I know that my unmodified performance will never move you as an audience, but you are the only viewer of the play. As long as you gently clap your hands, my clumsy lines will fold back and forth in the empty street. Then I will happily lean on your arms and smile for centuries. 

I know that you will not come into my world in the end, so I can only sort out the frustrated demeanor of all the losers in ancient and modern times. 

You cast my eyes into the endless wind and let the stars laugh at my madness. 

You're so ruthless. 

Living for you is a great tragedy, and you always live outside the tragedy. 

I was crazy busy can no longer hide the loneliness of the heart, perhaps, I should write what can not see you, write something that will make the emotion slowly return to calm. 

Pick up the pen, see your smile in front of me, I can only sigh according to the column. 

I do not know when my life has stepped out of a deep scar. 

But you don't know that the snow elves in northern Xinjiang still keep the warmest notes in the coldest season. 

Standing on the edge of loneliness, I see far away. 

Who can understand that inadvertently remembering and remembering unintentionally is sometimes not a kind of happiness? 

My world is full of ups and downs, I have exhausted all my strength, but I still can't penetrate your world. 

You may never know how attached I am to you in this life. 

How many times have I had the opportunity to confess to you over the years, but I have never been able to muster up the courage. 

I dare not confess to you, for fear of disturbing the peace of your world, and I am afraid that my accidental appearance will affect your life. 

My love is finally popular in the missing mode. I can't depend on you all my life. I can only face you across the sea. 

For this, I will regret it for the rest of my life. 

Waving goodbye to the past is like tearing yourself up and stitching it up again. It hurts when you tear it up, but it hurts even more when you re-stitch it up. 

Moths fly to the fire, and the Phoenix is no more than Nirvana. 

Maybe there was a plan in the dark. Did you know the ending a few years ago, but I woke up from my dream a few years later and raised my heavy hand to you. 

The deep alley finally came to an end. 

I feel relieved. 

I put my heart back to where I started. 

While I care about you, I didn't expect that there has been a kind of emotional care and care for me that I don't know for several years. 

I can't tell who is hoarse when the world wakes up in the song of the dawn. 

She asked me if I could know the story of me and her, and I shook my head with difficulty. 

There may be only one touching story in life, and this story can only be told to one person. 

And she's not. 

Seeing that she is sad, so am I. 

I will no longer have love, so I can only stand where she can't see and feel the boiling youth with my heart. 

I know. I shouldn't have done this. 

But I can't control myself. 

I told her not to stand into an eternity in the faint sunset, filling my field of vision and bringing me a fragrance that can not be wiped away. 

Then I will inevitably touch my heart for this, and the sad string in my heart will tremble and flow out the melody of sadness. 

In the coordinates of my life, who will be a wandering cloud of whom. 

I understand that waiting is unspeakable pain. 

Citing the vicissitudes of the past to prove the feelings of smoke is like peeling off a dream of dancing with you. 

It hurts. 

I finally turned her down ruthlessly. 

I took a short mountain walk with her. 

When I woke up that day, she led a man who loved her and stood in front of me. I knew it was time for me to go my way. 

I don't want to be your rib, born with you, and then die with you. 

One day, when I put all the diaries I wrote for you in front of you, we may have reached our twilight years and are no longer young. 

At that time, you must be surprised that the shy, introverted and untalkative boy had so much emotion. 

Giving up the pursuit of you is like going through a season. 

These are the only broken stamps I can write for yesterday and dare to give them to you.