The character of marriage

/October 2021

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Occasionally can see such a couple: each other's words and behavior, permeated with deep love, nothing public, tranquil, such as a lake, but with a full weight of charm, people envy. 

This is a rare state of love after it blossoms and bears fruit. 

Such two people know how to run a marriage. 

After questioning and observation, it is found that they will have the following common understandings. 

From love to marriage, we need a kind of chemical reaction. 

She said that he only sleeps on sheets all year round, and the bamboo mat makes it difficult for him to fall asleep. She still likes to be air-conditioned in winter in summer, but she is afraid of being blown by air-conditioning all night. 

But when she fell in love, she decided to get used to it until she went to a friend's house for the night in July and asked her friend to change the mat, spread the sheets, and take out the quilt. 

When she got home, she joked to him, "now it's hard to love someone else, because few people want to sleep under a sheet in summer." 

He smiled and joked with satisfaction: "in fact, I feel sorry for you. Where do you think I can find someone who needs a tablespoon of chili peppers for stir-frying vegetables and cooking soup?" 

Yes, he didn't eat chili peppers before, but since he was with her, he has been used to having red chili peppers in his rice and soup. 

The habits of two people before marriage are varied and far apart. Love merges them into a third group of habits, in which people who love each other permeate and gradually adapt. 

Such as chemical reactions, to get used to his snoring, light taste, casual clothes, etc., but also to let him get used to your late stay up late, do not eat pasta, love shopping …... 

From love to marriage, such chemical reactions are needed to produce a cement-like strength. 

Marriage requires a kind of laziness. 

We have been married for many years, and we may be very light with each other. 

At some point, suddenly there is another him (her), from the eyes and details to send you an ambiguous signal, your heart immediately began to be agitated and restless. 

At this point, you need a kind of laziness. 

You should let your heart not attack so diligently, it is best to stay where you are. 

You can think of it this way, once you secretly cheat and look so exciting, the real feeling is that the other person is similar to the cup of "plain boiled water" around you. 

The important thing is that this kind of thing is always troublesome, it can be said that the consequences are endless, so you may scare yourself when you think about it. 

If you are daring, then you can listen to the heartfelt words of a big star who said at the end of her fourth marriage: it is better to have a first husband. 

In fact, what's wrong with being as insipid as water? 

Like a stream, flowing safely, jumping the waves of happiness, Haosheng is enviable. 

To grasp the heat of marriage requires the power of moderation. 

Friend Ai is a "white bone spirit" and "marriage maniac", almost one by one to try all the dating methods, but also selected several men to "try out love", but so far, although he is over 30, he still keeps an empty house. 

Ai says her Prince Charming should have surprises for her every day, every minute she spends with her is full of passion, and she must swear to do so for the rest of her life. 

We can only say to her, "Honey, you'd better send an e-mail to God and let him order one for you." 

On the other hand, a gentleman is just the opposite of Ai. He married a girl in his early 20s at the advice of a matchmaker. After marriage, he strictly adhered to the principle of "living". He regarded Valentine's Day, lover's birthday, and wedding anniversary as normal. He always spoke bluntly to his wife and had no sugar at all. 

After two years, they finally left him and ran away with others. 

He was indignant: "I don't know where she is going to find someone like me who knows how to live." 

He does not know that it is better to hold a piece of wood than to find a living machine like him, because even wood may be able to carve a wonderful shape over a long period. 

Both Ai and a certain man are mistakenly taken to extremes. 

Marriage is the most fastidious about business. It needs some sweetness, but it can't be too sweet. It occasionally has the fragrance of roses or chocolates, but too many flowers will become "nymphomaniac". Eating too much chocolate will get fat and even lead to "marriage diabetes"; occasionally a little surprise is very exciting, but playing too much can easily lead to "marriage heart disease". 

And most importantly, be sure to look at each other moderately: the person around you looks less than above but more than below, and you will be blessed in your life. 

Hand in hand in the tunnel of time, you need to know how to cherish. 

Colleague Xiao Di has a rule for himself to sit quietly with her husband for at least one hour a month and do only one thing-recollection. 

Recall their many "firsts" together, recall each other's vows at the wedding, recall so many sweet moments they once had. 

Two people, in such memories, let their love for each other deepen again and again. 

Every couple has their time tunnel, where every scenery exudes a unique charm in the memory. 

Occasionally holding each other's hands, walking among them, so that the sweetness of the old days in the new time blooming a more brilliant light. 

Two hearts that accompany each other along the way will be closer; each other's hands will hold each other more tightly.