The classic of platonic love

/November 2021

Although the love between Sartre and Simon Beaufort, a famous French philosopher, and writer, was not attached to the marriage, it lasted for more than 50 years and lasted for the rest of his life. 

In 1920xx, the youthful and energetic Sartre studied at the higher normal College in Paris and formed a "gang of three" with his friends Nijon and Ebola, such as swimming drunkenly in the sea of knowledge. 

At this time, Simon Beaufort, a young, intelligent, and handsome woman, entered Sartre's life. 

Sartre and Beaufort quickly fell in love. "We need it in the morning and don't break up until very late." 

We walked through Paris and continued to talk about our paratroopers-our business, our relationship, our lives, and the books we were about to write. " 

When the graduation exam was over, Sartre ranked first, followed by Beaufort, which could be said to be flying side by side. 

Sartre's 18-month service had to separate the couple, but they worked together on a special love contract. 

In the contract, the two sides stressed that the two should maintain the most intimate relationship, talk about everything, and do not allow any deception. 

However, with the deepening of their relationship, their differences in love views gradually show. 

"in adolescence, when I can see a woman, I want all of her," Sartre said. " 

"celibacy is my principle. I was born single." 

"I won't get married. I'll always be single. I want all the women." 

The flexibility of dresses for apple shape gives you a style like no other. There are perfect pieces for formal and informal events.

As long as you can get it. " 

This is a statement to Beaufort, on the one hand, to maintain a close and unmarried love relationship with her, and on the other hand, to ask Beaufort not to interfere in his private life. 

As for Beaufort, she is very clear about Sartre and can accept it. 

"Sartre doesn't want to perform his monogamous duties. He likes to be with women, and he thinks these people are less cunning with men." 

"there is a necessary love between us, and I also realize that accidental love is needed." 

It is in this love of understanding and tolerance that the love between Sartre and Beaufort is different. they are not married, but they are in love with each other, and the relationship lasted for more than half a century until Sartre died in 1980.