The commemoration of love

/October 2021

What the Expo pavilion shows people is: a better city, better life. 

There is a lovelorn museum in Croatia, which is not on a par with the Expo in terms of size and fame. Its dazzling exhibits show people: remember and make the lovelorn better. 

The theme is only big or small, there is no difference between good and bad, come in and have a look: 

A red motorcycle. 

Remember the romantic scene in "Roman Holiday" in which Gregor Lipike rode a red motorcycle and took a pure and noble princess to visit Rome? those classic love scenes were crazily imitated by men and women all over the world. Countless girls cut Hepburn's hair, put on white shirt flats, and ate ice cream on the front steps of the Roman church. Smart businessmen registered "Roman Holiday" motorcycles, while the one in the museum was not sold by merchants. 

It was a man who spent several years slowly repairing the love tools to bring his sweetheart a romantic trip, but when the car was repaired, the Iraqi heart had changed, and the discouraged man donated the car to the "lovelorn Museum". 

Your love has gone far, who deserves to enjoy my romantic and affectionate, only fear of red motorcycle, can not carry a lot of sorrow. 

Just, strangers, let me show you, may you share my sorrow, and I, from now on, will never use a motorcycle to bring any woman, she is a cinnabar mole in the bottom of my heart that hurts as soon as I touch it. 

An ax. 

A lovelorn man chopped up his ex-girlfriend's furniture with this ax. 

How good I am to you, my dear, you want the moon in the sky, you will hold a handful of water, let it reflect in the water, light up your beautiful smile, and I, in your dimples, drunk, do not want to wake up. 

Why am I so infatuated, can not get your heart, you resolutely turn around, determined to break up, my heart, pain to anger, love how deep hate is how deep, those cabinets containing your clothes, the mirror that looked at your face, the chair leaning against your body, all that is related to you, let them destroy, split them, split my nostalgia for you. 

A wooden prosthetic. 

The war veteran of the 1990s was admitted to the field hospital because of his injury. at that time, he had just lost a leg and was in pain. A gentle and beautiful nurse took care of him day and night, comforting and accompanying him, and finally, the two fell in love. However, for a variety of reasons, it ended in a breakup. 

The veteran donated the prosthetic leg to the museum many years later, with a sentence engraved on it: the life of a prosthetic leg is far longer than that of love. 

Vicissitudes of life, romance, what is changeable is the world, and what is eternal is the truth. 

In my most desperate and helpless moment, it was you who soothed my broken heart. Your long, white fingers stroked this prosthetic leg. There was no rejection in your eyes, but only tears of pity and pity. At that moment, I saw an unblemished angel. If this is not love, then what is love? 

However, I failed to fulfill my vow to take care of you all my life, and your departure made me fall into the night again, but this time I am not afraid, dear, you have brought me light and hope, and you have made me encounter the most beautiful beauty in the world. I, do you have any regrets? 

True love is gold, not by my side, but I know it is there, forever. 

We are all passers-by, and love is the best gift God has given us on our journey. 

Whether long or short, it changes the quality of our lives, because it is brilliant, because it is gray, because it is rich, because it is happy. 

When the gift is taken away, if you gently wave your hand and remember it from the bottom of your heart, this is the best and wisest gesture, which is respect for true love and life. 

Go well, my love, I will miss forever.

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