The companion of a writer

/October 2021

Recently, when I read the Legend of Vera, I was impressed by the power of this woman. 

"Marriage is a haven for Nabokov and a career for Vera." 

I suddenly thought, what if "the writer's companion" could be regarded as a profession, with the so-called rules, guilds, and elites in the industry? 

Let me make a rough classification. 

Nurse type: the representative of this kind of wife is Dostoevsky's wife, Anna. 

She is not amazing in appearance, but she is loyal, patient, and capable. 

Lao Tuo was grumpy and difficult to get along with. When he came back from the Siberian reform-through-labor camp, he had epilepsy, drinking, and gambling, and the woman he loved most had only one Polina. 

Lao Tuo is a sick man, both physically and mentally. 

His dual personality and epilepsy all depend on Anna's care. 

There are a large number of such wives among the writer's companions. on this basis, they can also be derived into secretarial type, nanny type, and so on. 

It is characterized by taking service as evidence of love. 

The extreme development of this type is the Notre Dame type. 

Notre Dame: the representative is Mrs. Ximenes. 

Yes, the wife of the one who wrote the Song of the Little Donkey. 

There is a change of strength between the couple. 

Ximenes was so bossy and autocratic that he did not even allow his wife to visit friends and relatives, and Mrs. Ximenes had no time to operate on lipoma because he had to wait on the sickly and violent poet. 

Finally, the tumor deteriorated into cancer. 

She was half burned by chemotherapy and had to help him organize his manuscripts. 

Then why didn't she leave him? 

"he is adorable, even though he drives me crazy"-her self is infinitely compressed and must rely on others' dependence on her to reflect her value. 

The Virgin's radiant fraternity is set off by the haze of the devil. 

It is also the sacrifice of life, the independent choice will be more aesthetic, this is the type of dedication: such as the husband of the Jewish writer Nemirovsky. 

When his wife was caught in the concentration camp, he ran to them and said, she is too talented, please let me die in her place. 

As a result, he accompanied her to the gravel road. 

Opposing style: compared with Dostoevsky's Anna, her Russian countryman, the tough Mrs. Tolstoy, is a heavyweight. 

She is talented and talented, and she is far more involved in her husband's creation than Anna. 

When Lao Tuo wrote War and Peace, she copied it for him seven times under the oil lamp. the book had more than a million words. 

At the same time, she had to manage a huge estate. 

In his old age, like repelling mosquitoes, we should eliminate the followers and followers around Tolstoy, to give him a stable creative environment. 

She scanned the crowd like an eagle, defending her husband. 

Even people who don't like her, such as Gorky, have to admit the meaning of her existence. 

She and Tolstoy read each other's diaries, quarreled with jealousy, and refused to give way. 

Muse: Vera, Nabokov's wife, Mrs. Bitolstoy, please climb another story. 

Not to mention taking care of Nabokov's daily life, it was her job to negotiate rent with the landlord, ask the publisher for royalties, write letters to comfort his sister, and visit his mother. 

And she is also very talented in literature. 

It's just a rational decision to integrate her with a genius. 

In his words, she is invisible everywhere but omnipresent. 

She was so loyal that if one rickshaw driver recognized Nabokov's talent and another professor denied him, she would only be friends with the former, but she did not follow blindly. 

Yes, she saved Lolita from the fire. 

When Nabokov uses the wrong grammar, she will help him correct it immediately. 

Because she lived with an imbecile genius, she had to carry a gun in troubled times, carry a bag in the supermarket, catch butterflies with him in summer, shovel snow for him in winter, and even find a mistress him, she had to argue gracefully for him. 

She repeatedly saved Nabokov from being destroyed by czars, dictators, priests, politicians, guardians, police, faculty meetings, dust, and romantic scandals. 

Maternal love type: Zhu Meifu, the wife of the famous translator Fu Lei, is her representative. 

Once, when Lao Fu had an affair, she not only tolerated him, but also praised him afterward, and earnestly taught the children that if dad hadn't turned back, there would be no happy family for us now! 

People who engage in literature and art are mostly romantic in temperament, uneasy in the room, and be their companions. This flexibility is still necessary. 

This love and tolerance, as well as the relief of his repentance, is like a mother to a child. 

Coach type: Chen Danyan is so positioned as Chen Baoping. 

He is her college classmate, but he is five years older than her. 

Aunt Chen was frustrated by the report card when she graduated, but Uncle Chen encouraged and affirmed her sensitivity to details. 

Later, when Xiao Meiwen was on the rise in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the 1980s, Aunt Chen almost took a similar route, but she was dialed right by Uncle Chen. 

She said that she could go well on any path he pointed out, such as rewriting character interviews later, and if she did it on her own, she often returned without success-- this is indeed an excellent guide. 

People who are good at details and sensitive, pick up a person with a good sense of direction and complement each other. 

Playmate type: McCullers' husband, Reeves. 

He is not so much McCarles' husband as her playmate. 

These are two children who have been playing house: McCullers, who is newly married, is very happy, dancing to the rhythm of a waltz to take out the trash and reading recipes aloud in the sound of music. 

They traveled around the world together, partying every night, drinking whiskey like water, and trying all kinds of experimental lifestyles that match their writers' identities. 

But she had no sense of responsibility as a wife, and once the novelty of marriage faded, she excluded it from her attention and went to find other men or women as if they were disliked toys and then again, this goes well with her genius novels, which are reined in, casually written, and without meticulous layout.?.

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