The delicious soup in the dream-1

/November 2021

After the collapse of the company, he was as decadent as leaves in the wind. 

To escape from reality, he sleeps in the quilt every day. 

That day, he woke up hungry. 

In the dream, the bowl of rich and delicious chicken soup wonton in the depths of memory, braving the steaming heat, came in the face. 

He called his lover and wanted her to go out to buy a bowl of wonton, but suddenly remembered that the lover had said goodbye to him last night with clothes and jewelry. 

He thought of his ex-wife, a dignified and peaceful woman. At that time, he worked hard to start a business and often came home late at night. She always made a bowl of hot wonton for him as a midnight snack. 

In the pure white bowl, Mei wonton has a fine white crust, wrapped with tender and juicy meat stuffing, lying round in the thick white chicken soup, dripping a few drops of red and colorful spicy oil, sprinkling a handful of tender green parsley, the ordinary ingredients become full of taste. 

Later, when he was successful in his career, he could not resist the temptation to have a lover. She asked for a divorce and rented another house, and there was no relationship ever since. 

At the moment, he misses her strongly, and the bowl of hot wonton that warms the heart and stomach. 

In hesitation, he picked up his cell phone and sent a message nervously, "how are you these days? I want to eat a bowl of chicken soup wonton. I can't buy it anywhere." 

A few minutes later, I received her reply, so come on. 

He was overjoyed. 

In her kitchen, he stood behind her and watched her patiently chop the fresh meat into thin stuffing, and the room was filled with aroma with chicken soup in the wok next to her. 

The long-lost smell of fireworks warmed him, and he gently hugged her waist from behind. I'm sorry, he mumbled an apology and buried his face in her hair. 

He felt her body tremble slightly. She bowed her head for a long time and spit out gently for a long time. Go to the living room to watch TV. Wonton will be over soon.

Retreating to the living room and listening to the rhythmic sound of chopping meat in the kitchen is a more beautiful melody than the sound of nature. 

The taste is still pork and vegetables stuffing, he eats the forehead sweat, greedily even drink up the soup, she sat quietly watching him eat, eyes full of conniving love.

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