The delicious soup in the dream-2

/November 2021

He put down the bowl and sighed contentedly if only he could eat every day. 

She was silent for a moment at his hint before she said, come and eat every day. 

His heart rejoiced again, and it was obvious that she was still in love with him. 

He hated himself for letting her go in the first place. 

Since then, he cheered up and found a job as a supermarket manager. 

He was not satisfied and complained to her that he had lost his talent. She said faintly that the supermarket supervisor was good. When I first got divorced, I worked as a building cleaner. 

His guilt welled up again and stared at her deeply, but she smiled and went into the kitchen to pack his favorite shrimp wonton. 

The work in the supermarket was very tiring and she came home late from work, so she simply went to his house to prepare dinner and waited for him to come back to eat together. 

The idea of remarriage was getting stronger and stronger in his mind day by day. 

Three months later he was promoted to supermarket manager. 

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He carefully selected a necklace and decided to propose to her again. 

When he got home, he called her name, and she came out of the kitchen with flour in her hands. Without waiting for him to open his mouth, she said, "I packed all kinds of wontons and put them in the fridge." if you want to eat them later, just take them out and cook them. 

He was stunned. What do you mean? 

She bowed her head. I'm going to get married. We have known each other for a long time. He is very kind to me. To take care of you, the marriage has been postponed for four months. 

He said in a dumb voice, so, you already have a boyfriend, then why are you still so kind to me? 

She smiles, because I have loved you, how can I bear to see that you are not doing well? I cherish you I once loved and my own. 

When she left, he looked around blankly. There was a recipe posted on the wall, showing the detailed steps of making wonton. He looked at it and burst into tears.