The distance of half a meter is the love I want

/October 2021

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I was 27 when I met him. After two fruitless relationships with flowers, my yearning for love has faded a lot. 

We met only after two warm-hearted people repeatedly weighed our appearance, occupation, education, and so on, and came to the conclusion that we were similar in appearance to each other. 

He is neither ugly nor handsome, humorous but not dull, and he is the most ordinary man who falls into the crowd and is drowned. 

Thinking that I am neither beautiful nor ugly without salt, and as I get older, I agree to get to know each other deeply and keep on interacting with each other. 

We fall in love like most people, meeting, eating, watching movies or listening to music. 

Three months after we met, he kissed me on the way home. 

Half a year later, the parents of the two families began to prepare for our marriage, and he also took the initiative to tell me how gentle and beautiful I was and how to suit his heart. 

But my heart is at a loss, is he the one I have been waiting for for many years? 

Will he be better than the people I've ever loved? 

Will you be more affectionate than those who loved me? 

It rained last night. He drove me home after supper. When he was going down from the overpass at a speed close to 120km/h, a car on the reverse lane in front of us broke the double yellow line and suddenly rushed in front of us, while on the right was the cement guardrail of the overpass. 

The car stopped at my scream, but luckily it was not in danger. 

From the analysis of several black scratches on the road caused by emergency braking, the two cars almost passed each other, but our car was still half a meter away from the cement guardrail on the right. 

I looked at him, who was also in shock, and complained, "Why don't you play more rounds to the right?" 

You see, I almost hit the opposite car. 

How dangerous it is! 

He hugged me tightly and said, "you are on the right. If I turn the steering wheel a little more, the car will hit the guardrail and you will be in danger." 

I immediately understood that in the choice of the moment of life and death, he left me the half-meter distance to ensure the safety of life. 

Perhaps we do not have the fate to grow up or fall in love at first sight, we live in a time of peace, there will not be a hail of bullets, suffering from the test of love, but his choice at this moment let me feel his sincere heart. 

I remember that the driving school coach once said that the passenger seat is the most dangerous, and when something happens, the driver will have a strong sense of self-protection. 

Now I want to tell him that I will sit on his right for the rest of my life, because the distance of half a meter can bear witness to his love, and this passenger seat will be the safest position in the world.