The eyes of a lover

/September 2021

That afternoon, I was very happy to attend the opening ceremony of my husband's branch, during which I accidentally felt some young women looking at my husband. 

That kind of warm and admiring eyes touched my different mood, and that night, I sat in front of the dresser for a particularly long time. 

Until my husband, Robles came up to me and kissed me and asked me what was wrong. 

I finally couldn't help asking him, "do you still love me?" 

Robles smiled and said, "you seldom ask me that question." 

What happened today? " 

I told him frankly: "because today I feel old, I am very scared." 

Robles sat down next to me, gently hugged me, and said, "in fact, there is a story I have never told you, and now I can tell it to you." 

"When I was 14 years old that year, my parents asked my aunt and family to go shopping in Paris. I didn't want to go with me, so I went to live with my grandfather in the country. 

I remember that afternoon the sun was shining so brightly that I couldn't keep my eyes open. 

When I arrived at my grandfather's house, my grandfather was sorting out the photos. I noticed at first glance that one of the black-and-white photos showed the girl's eyes as clear as angels. 

I proudly held the picture in front of my grandfather and said, 'Grandpa, I have never seen this picture before. 

Is this girl your first lover?' 

Grandpa stared at the picture but didn't answer my question. "did you notice her eyes?" he murmured. 

Of course, her eyes are as clear and beautiful as a stream.' 

I said. 

Grandpa put this picture in the photo album, then pointed to the next photo and said, "have you seen this one? it's my golden wedding anniversary with your grandmother." 

'i 've seen this picture of my mother,' I muttered, 'but Grandpa, you shouldn't have put the picture of your first lover with Grandma's. 

Grandma would not be happy if she knew something underground.' 

Grandpa laughed and said, 'your grandmother won't be angry, because these two photos are the same person!' 

At that moment, I was stunned. I compared the two photos, but I still couldn't believe that the-haired old woman was the same person as the teenage girl. 

I said carefully, 'Grandpa, don't you think it's changed too much?' 

Grandpa's eyes seemed to be reluctant to leave the two photos. 

After a while, he said softly, 'Robles, you've only seen pictures of your grandmother after she grew old, so you can't feel the beauty that has been carved by time. 

I asked you if you noticed the girl's eyes in the picture because I was the only one who knew. 

Over the past 50 years, the clarity and joy in your grandmother's eyes when she looked at me has not changed. 

My child, in the future, when you fall in love with a girl and spend your life with her, you will understand that even though the time can take away youth and erode beauty, you can never change the look in your lover's eyes, because she loves your soul and lives there all the time. Never left.'" 

At this point, Robles gazed into my eyes and said to me, "after many years, I finally understand that lasting and affectionate love no longer comes from bright youth, but in a pair of eyes that have seen Yunjuanyunshu with you." 

Karin, when I looked into your eyes, I knew you were the girl I fell in love with when I was 19. 

That's enough. " 

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At that moment, I sincerely thanked an old man for telling Robles 30 years ago and me 30 years later about the true meaning of love.