The eyes of marriage

/October 2021

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I do not know since when, I have a habit of walking on the road, like to look up at other people's balcony, because my wife said that the balcony is the eyes of the home, behind the beautiful spring balcony is a happy home, there is a hostess of cymbidium heart. 

When I married my wife, I was at the peak of my career and in high spirits. 

At that time, I said to her proudly, "buy a bigger house, more than 150 square meters." 

My wife smiled and said, "I only need 60 square meters. I just want the house to have a big balcony." 

In her insistence, we finally chose a set of 62 square meters of the small bedroom, although the house is small, there is a wide balcony to watch sunrise and sunset. 

My wife runs our balcony like a marriage: green pineapple hangs down from the top of the balcony and looks like a green screen from the room; the charming leaves of Phoenix tail bamboo stretch out and dance in the breeze; rubber trees and jasmine flowers in a corner of the balcony, coupled with small tables and chairs, is a good place for leisure and tea. 

My wife's love for the balcony is endless. 

Later, she found potted Hawthorn, pomegranate, and orange trees, regarded them as the most valuable, and chose a few pots to go home and plant them carefully. 

Now, the pomegranate has borne small fruit, and as soon as the wind blows, the flowers will tremble with laughter. 

Walking home in the community, as soon as I looked up, I could see the balcony full of spring flowers, where my wife had prepared a cup of fragrant green tea for me. 

But at that time, I didn't have a deeper understanding of all this. I thought that maybe many women were as fussy as their wives. Apart from that, I didn't feel anything special. 

Four years ago in the winter, due to the calculation of a business partner, I lost badly. At that time, I was like a different person, unshaven and decadent. 

That day I came home dejected and sat on the balcony smoking desperately. My wife handed me a cup of steaming tea and said leisurely, "Let's sell the house." 

I was surprised. How is this possible? 

This is where we both live. 

My wife looked at me and continued, "We can earn more money for the house, and we can start all over again." 

We can rent a smaller house. Don't worry. No matter where we are, I can keep our house as warm as spring. " 

When his wife said this, she took a nostalgic look at her carefully taken care of the green balcony: "it's just a pity that the garden is full of spring." 

I silently held her in my arms and said, "Don't worry, everything will be all right." 

We sold the house quickly, and the buyer took a fancy to our balcony at a glance. Only I knew how many wives love was in it. 

I used the money to sell the house to pay off the debt, and we rented a humble one-bedroom and one-living room without a balcony. 

The next day, I dragged my tired body home and was surprised. On the one-foot-wide windowsill, there were all small onions and garlic planted in transparent glass bottles, all of which were of different shapes, naive and interesting. They grew happily and greeted my return like a cheerful band. 

My wife saw my surprise, smiled, and said: "can not dress up the balcony, I will dress up the windowsill, although smaller, as long as I put my heart into it, it will be very interesting." 

For the first time, I looked at these plants so carefully. Although the conditions were poor, they still had tenacious vitality. What difficulties could I not overcome? 

That winter, my wife cooked delicious soup for me in the small house, sprinkled the green onions picked from the windowsill in the steaming soup, floated green above, and drank a mouthful of lip and tooth incense. 

Every time I come home exhausted from setbacks, there is always a glimmer of hope and tomorrow in my heart. 

I found out for the first time that I had married a woman like a treasure who would bring me good luck under any circumstances. 

In the next spring, my career finally took a turn for the better. 

A few months later, I finally earned enough money for the down payment. I wanted to buy a high-rise house with a big balcony for my beloved wife. I could see the green mountains and rivers from afar and look at the sky very closely. 

But my wife stopped me, the elevator at the top is too expensive, buy an ordinary one, it's okay to be close to the ground, I can watch you go home on the balcony every day. 

At the insistence of my wife, we bought a house on the second floor. Except for a beautiful balcony, all the other conditions were very ordinary, but my wife was ecstatic. She said I could see the green when I looked up on my way home. 

We have lived in this house of less than 80 square meters for three years. My career is getting better and better, but our house has never been changed. 

Outsiders do not know that there is a man who can drive a high-end car in such an ordinary house, but I am so happy and satisfied because there is a beautiful and intelligent hostess who can make her simple balcony picturesque. Behind the balcony is my home as beautiful as heaven.