The fable of the disappearance of love

/September 2021

Men and women in love travel to Greece together for three months, so it can be inferred that they must be as happy as chestnuts in the fire. 

From Athens to Mikonos Island in the Aegean Sea, two men sat by the sea with thick Greek coffee. A fishing boat had just landed and the partridge flapped its wings. When the fisherman accidentally dropped a few fish while carrying, the partridge snatched into a ball, and everyone laughed. 

Then take a boat to Santorini, see the top of the blue circular tower, see the white house, see the donkey carrying passengers up the mountain, men, and women believe that, even if they may not go to heaven, at least they share the feeling of heaven, like the sun at 09:30 in the morning. bright and warm. 

Returning to the peninsula from the Aegean Sea, facing the Parthenon Temple at the top of the Acropolis and the semi-amphitheater on the hillside, they calmed down and experienced how the Athenians felt in the world of the gods more than 4000 years ago and discussed philosophy and humanity. Wine and leg of lamb were also discussed by the way. 

Everything was so good that they were reluctant to go back. After several discussions, they decided to go north in search of the mysterious church at the top of Mount Maitaiola. 

After changing several trains, we finally arrived in this small town. It is said that in the 14th century, a monk came here from Mount Assos in the east and built the first church on a lonely peak more than 600 meters above sea level. There is no road leading to the foot of the mountain. All food and daily necessities have to be pulled up with a gondola. 

Love disappears here for no reason. first of all, the woman does not speak, she walks silently on the mountain road, and the man occasionally talks to her, but she pays no attention to it. 

Stop here to ask women why they are unhappy. 

Are you tired of walking, hungry, or homesick? 

Of course, we all know that a woman won't say why, and maybe she doesn't know. 

At the end of the day, they went back to the small hotel at the foot of the mountain. It was a little cold. They ate something casually and hid in the room. 

During this process, the woman still did not speak, and the man was rebuffed several times and did not bother to speak again, so inexplicably, the two fell into suspicion of each other. 

Stop and ask the woman again, whether the man inadvertently did something she hated today? 

By the way, man, what on earth have you done to make people angry? 

We still know very well that none of them can say anything. 

After entering the room, the man took a bath first, and he said he went to sleep first. 

The woman answered, saying she was going into the bathroom. 

Well, when the man went to bed and pretended to go to bed first, he heard the sound of showers in the bathroom, the sound of running water, the sound of brushing his teeth, the sound of flushing the toilet. 

It usually takes a woman no more than half an hour to freshen up, but it takes her nearly an hour this night. 

The woman finally came out, said nothing, and lay down on the other side of the bed. 

Without having to open his eyes, the man knew that she had her back to him and shrank to the corner of the bed. 

On one side, they all pretended to be asleep, and the man even pretended to snore twice. 

It was not good to sleep. The man dared not move and almost got spinal rigor. 

The woman also shrinks all the time, and it is estimated that one hand and one foot will go numb the next day. 

Excuse me, man, why don't you go back and hug her? 

The man pinched for a few seconds before saying, what if the woman doesn't like him to hug her at this time? 

Excuse me, woman, do you think he's asleep? 

Well, you know very well that he didn't fall asleep at all. You can guess from the fake snoring. 

Then why do you have to sleep with your back to him? 

In the morning, both of them got up with black eyes like pandas, and coincidentally, they put on sunglasses and packed their luggage at breakfast. Once they got on the bus, they slept like pigs. 

When we arrived at the Athens airport and got on the plane, the words of the two men could be roughly condensed into two kinds: 

"go home." 

"would you like something to drink?" 

In the way of chapters and novels, he spent more than 10 hours on the plane and "had nothing to say for a night." 

When they returned to Taipei, they got off the plane, stood in line to check their licenses, picked up their luggage, and then went outside to wait for the bus to enter the city. this time, the man felt that it was not good to go stiff, so he asked the woman if she wanted to take a taxi. 

The woman's haggard face was expressionless. She thought for a moment and said, "sit tight. It's more convenient for me to take the bus." 

At this point, the man can't say anything anymore. 

That night the man took the initiative to call, the cell phone was turned off, and it seemed that the matter was coming to an end. 

When she called again the next day, the woman said in a lazy voice, "I'm not feeling well." 

Not feeling well? 

It doesn't matter. I'll be a guest doctor. What's going on with this couple? 

"I just feel so tired." 

The woman said, "and getting bored with him, what should I do?" 

"she is insane." 

The man said, "I just asked her one night if she wanted to marry me." 

In short, women do not want to speak their hearts, men first panic, and then angry. 

They forgot the good times in Greece. 

Three years later, they bumped into each other on Zhongxiao East Road, said hello, and then went in different directions. No one asked what had happened at the beginning. Once they had no feelings about love, they had no feelings at all. 

None of you have that problem? 

Congratulations, but in case there is, or the other party has, please remember to give each other a little patience, otherwise you may be heartbroken in the future.

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