The face of love

/October 2021

I like to walk when the weather is fine. 

The place where I live, the other street entrance is downtown, because of the convenience of life, there are a lot of people coming and going. 

When I first moved here, I was still in the exploratory stage and spent some time familiarizing myself with nearby restaurants and supermarkets. 

I don't like vegetables very much, so I often go to a Fresh Juice stall to buy vegetable juice to supplement dietary fiber and vitamins. 

The boss is very enthusiastic, often gives me free celery and balsam pear, beats out a big cup, every time I am kind, drink sadly. 

Once while waiting for juice, an old man came from the side of the road. He was wearing an all-white suit with a bright red shirt and a white hat. He looked very strange in the hot weather. 

The old man came up to me and asked. I knew it was rude, but I couldn't help looking. 

When he approached me, I found that even his leather shoes were white lacquered leather and polished. 

If I squat down, I can probably see my reflection on his shoes. It must be a dumbfounded face. 


The old man greeted me with arrogance and waved to the boss who was beating the juice. 

He held a stack of flyers and handed me one. 

"if you see this little girl, please be sure to call this number. Thank you." 

He spoke to me politely and then walked on. 

Before I could take a closer look at the flyer in my hand, the boss behind me said, "Don't pay any attention to him!" 

He's a man. Oh, he's probably old. He's a little weird. " 

The boss compared his head and drew a circle around his head. "everyone on our side knows him." 

I watched the old man fade away, and in the midsummer sun, he was in high spirits and handed out leaflets to every passer-by. 

It was so hot that I hurried home while drinking juice. When I entered the house, I found that I had brought back the flyer. 

There is a blurry transfer photo of a young woman on it. 

There is a passage next to the photo: 

Dear Lesser Snow, since I said goodbye 40 years ago, I can't forget you. I deeply regret why I didn't muster up the courage to join hands with you to create our future. 

Although I haven't got in touch with you yet, I won't give up. I hope it's not too late. 

For the rest of my life, I only want to see you again. 

Looking for Cheng Yingxue, height about 1. 

6 meters, the original residence address is × × ×, if you have any clues, please call × × ×, there must be a thank you again. 

I think back to the old man who just passed me in the sun, his face was covered with liver spots and wrinkles. 

The photos on the leaflet can be seen to have been taken many years ago. If Lesser Snow had been alive at that time, he would have been more than 70 years old now. 

I don't know how long it will be for the rest of their lives. I hope it can be a little longer so that they can see each other again. 

Maybe Lesser Snow is full of children and grandchildren, or maybe she can't remember who he is. 

I hope Grandpa can wear that straight white suit and shout "little girl" to her again. 

There are countless faces of love in this world. 

Maybe some people will never travel to Europe for the rest of their lives, some people will never ride inexpensive sports cars, and some people can't even stay with their loved ones to the end. 

But it's no big deal. 

Every minute, there are people in every corner who try their best to love each other in their way.

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