The feelings of angels

/October 2021

Even if this is the case with angels, how can the world fall in love with each other? 

I believe this short story is enough to answer this complicated question. 

Once upon a time, when an angel was floating across a mountain stream, he met a girl. 

They fell in love and built a love hut on the mountain. 

The angel flies around every day, but he really loves this girl and accompanies her in his spare time. 

One day, the angel took his beloved girl for a walk in the mountains. 

Suddenly, he said, "if one day, you no longer love me, I will leave you." 

Because I can't live without love. 

At that time, I will fly to another girl's side. " 

The girl looked at the angel for a while and said firmly, "I will always love you!" 

They lead a happy life. 

However, whenever the girl thought of the angel's words, she began to get restless. 

She always thought that the angel might leave her one day and fly to another girl. 

So one night, the girl hid the angel's wings while the angel was sleeping. 

After dawn, the angel said angrily, "give me back my wings!" 

Why are you doing this? 

You don't love me anymore, you don't love me anymore. " 

"I didn't. I still love you! 

I'm not hiding your wings, really. Trust me, okay? " 

"you lie, you lie, I don't believe you, I feel like you don't love me!" 

When he took his wings out of the cupboard, he flew away without looking back. 

The girl is very sad and misses the perfect life. 

When she regretted it, she sat alone on the top of the mountain and repented silently: "even if I love you madly, I can't deprive you of your right to fly freely, can I?" 

I should give you enough freedom to give each other breathing space. 

I really understand now, can you come back?. " 

Suddenly, an angel appeared. 

He said softly, "I'm back, honey!" 

"are you really not leaving? are you really still in love with me?" 

The angel smiled and said, "I feel that you still love me, right?" 

As long as you still love me, I will always love you until you no longer love me. "

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