The first heart is like snow-1

/October 2021

If life is only like the first sight, only one glance, it is ten miles of a spring breeze, the first heart, if snow, the purest and most true, the first heart, can always play the most beautiful notes. 

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Like the words with the word "beginning", always feel that it contains purity and richness, from the first sight of gazing, to the persistent first heart without regret, and then to the first snow floating outside the window, there is love in every word, with rhyme and hidden beauty in every rhyme. 

The first heart of this word, it must be hidden in the shy eyes of the girl, that beautiful, let you go for a long time, still remember a person's name, that pure, crystal clear as the first snow in winter. 

If the first snow falls into the past, through the mountains and rivers, across a once, those peach willow new pictures, there is no too much hue, leaving only a white, cool heart, can be met, is already merciful. 

When the snow falls, regardless of the initial place, and the final return, leaving only a ray of cool, freehand brushwork into a Mei Yingxue poem, cold and fragrant in life, like a feast, hiding the prosperity, and finally met the original self. 

Waiting for you, in the first place, I often think that this sentence must lead to a story that wants to stop talking. 

This end of the story is the long rain lane, the other end of the alley is the girl holding an oil-paper umbrella, and the middle of the alley is separated by a long yearning. 

Meet just when the flowers bloom, Baizhang Hong Dust, only for a person to comb the first makeup, long hair, and wash lead Hua, your beautiful face, such as flowers half cover the face, once decorated my dream, flowers deep, only fold a hidden heart, open a year, fall a year, sitting in the twilight, think of the past, sing a song more forgetful, but do not forget Acacia, this first love, enough to resist the shallowness of time. 

The memory of the pink Li Bai, if bleached over the years, one day also become simple, such as washed and washed cotton linen clothes, is so appropriate and warm, will be simple and elegant in the skirt, there is no expectation to look forward to, there is no day do not see as after three years of missing, just think of your good. 

If time is a section of time, then turn mountains to water, all those who miss, one day can be reunited, all mistakes, one day will be cool, then you and I, can we go back to the beginning? 

If life is only like the first sight, the sun reflects my face, the fragrance is hidden in the petals, the joy in your eyes, such as dew trembling on the petals, playing the strings of a bosom friend, I compose music, you come and capture a piece of tenderness, to decorate the shyness of the clouds, laughter full of fragrance. 

Across the time flying snow, each heart has a window of yearning, reflecting the appearance of the Iraqi people; have written a poem about spring, those affectionate paragraphs, have a brushstroke description, know and cherish the beauty of each other. 

About the first time to see, there will always be superimposed melancholy, perhaps, all the vigorous in this world, are not as good as a just-in-time, but who has said that the beauty of fate must be accompanied day and night? 

In the most beautiful moment of my life, I saw you and smiled at the eyes of Wan Guchun. When my feelings such as the beginning of the new moon opened, I met Bai Yu Sheng Xue, so it was just right. 

Buddha said, looking back on 500 years of previous life, only in this life for a brush, then this life, you happen to come, I happen to be, must be the good fruit of the previous life, then all the years together with you in this life is the best arrangement of fate. 

If you like, I want spring water to decorate your old face, if you like, I would like to use snowflakes to render your elegant green hair, maybe in this life, we have been meeting, but with you. 

Is the most beautiful flower in my life.