The first heart is like snow-2

/October 2021

I want to make tea for you and write poems for you in this life, and then, when you send me a grand winter, make a cup of tea, in the warm fragrance of tea, see the first snowfall to the deepest place in the world of mortals, with a thin pen, copy with your first appearance, warm a pot of spirits, sing a song of the soul of the Sanskrit, drunk in your time. 

On a piece of paper, write some long and short sentences, if there is a small print to remind you of once, then live up to my pious waiting for you; cut a memory, knit a piece of fate clothes, if there is a stitch, let you feel warm, that is my constant tenderness and nostalgia. 

Fold a flowering branch, wait for you, on the road in spring, although winter has just come, I yearn for such a mood, long years, is there a way to pass by your window, is there a moonlight that can enjoy the same fragrance of flowers with you? 

As if all the thoughts fell into the winter with the snowflakes. 

Because away from the noisy tools, the world is silent, that miss, it seems so true, if there is a flower can remind people of the first sight, think of love, I think, that is snowflakes, snowflakes like butterflies, can not fly over the sea, but can always fly into a person's heart, as long as a low eyebrow, that piece of pure white, then with the snowfall into the toes, a person's face will fall into the eyes, let the heart ripple. 

Miss the once secluded intersection, those red lips and white teeth time, miss those, red cherry green, plantain's past, some things, some people, can not say, can not forget, but is treasured, suddenly there are people to think, even in winter, the heart is also filled with a spring. 

When the snowflakes are flying all over the sky, I am in the far north, writing poems for you, kneading three points of missing, writing two points of missing, and more of the understanding that is dense in my heart. 

If I were a snowflake, I should be close to your heart and dance in your palm, because with you, time will become what I like. 

The first heart, such as snow, snow run red world, there are always some meet, amazing fleeting time, but can not be gentle each other's lives, perhaps the beauty of the world has a fixed number, then you are just young, I am young, the years flow, the past fell a place of wind and dust, but still beautiful vividly. 

Xu Donglin said: in life, footprints pass deeply through someone, and this life has since stained his voice, no matter how many years this person has not seen with you, how many streets and how many cities you have separated from you, as long as you think of it, it is still so close, because, it's all in time. 

Love a person, will wait in the first place, you come or not, I will wait for you, let time go away, I treat you, just like the first time.

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