The first meeting didn't seem to spark too much love

/September 2021

Our relationship has also experienced bitter, sweet, and salty,

There are joys, sorrows, surprises, quarrels, and so on.

But in the end, I thought it was good to have him around,

When you are around, you will look at each other in a variety of ways

But sometimes I feel empty when I'm not around,

I think this is the sense of sureness and security.

I seldom say sensational words,

But here I want to praise my brother Hui.

He is busy with his work,

But he will be willing to adjust his time to accompany me to do everything I want to do;

He will take me where I want to go,

It Will also take me to eat all kinds of delicious food I want to eat,

Give me everything I want and satisfy me to the best of his ability.

These little details make me feel that this man is reliable and practical.

He is very attentive to me,

The accumulation of dribs and drabs makes me think that person is him!

He is the one who cares most about my feelings and thoughts besides my family.

Understand, understand and love me,

Satisfy my willfulness, indulge my arrogance, treat me as always,

Spoil me into his own little princess ~

Meeting him is the greatest blessing in my life!

Now we are entering a new chapter in our lives

Thanks to the love of friends and family, we get married with everyone's good wishes ~

Love is sweet and beautiful,

Marriage is trivial,

And just love is the cornerstone of marriage

May all lovers love it,

Cherish, cherish, and be grateful.

Cherish the people around you and treat her as before!

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