The girl who sweeps the grave-1

/November 2021

In the Yongfu Garden Mausoleum in Nanshan, you will see this girl every Sunday. She always takes a lily with her. After putting it in front of Tomb 89, she will take a few letters out of her pocket. No one can hear what she is reading. But everyone can see that what she is reading is so serious and affectionate. 

After reading the letter, she would burn it silently in front of the grave, and then sit there quietly for a long time alone with her knees in her arms. 

The local administrators are curious because few people like her visit the grave every week and write a few letters every week except for the holidays. 

Curious as she was, no one bothered the girl. 

So back and forth, the girl is just like yesterday, the wind and rain have not stopped. 

The administrators all admire the girl's persistence. 

On a Wednesday morning in June, the graveyard was quiet as usual, and no one came except an elderly couple. 

The caretakers were cleaning their responsible areas, and then someone said, "Huh?" 

Broke the peace of the graveyard. 

People see the girl coming again, but today is not Sunday. People think that the girl is getting weirder and weirder. 

The girl was carrying a basket, and when the girl came to the grave, people found that many things had been placed in front of the tombstone, and it turned out that someone had already come to worship. 

Then people remembered the old couple in the morning. It must have been them. 

The girl took out a lily and a few plates of fruit from the basket. 

After doing all this, the girl took out a letter and read it as usual. Before she had finished reading the letter, it suddenly began to rain heavily. 

The caretakers all ran to the lounge because it was the only place in the garden to take shelter from the rain. 

The girl couldn't run there, too. 

Maybe the girl was a little shy, maybe she didn't want to cause trouble to others, she didn't go into the break room, she just hid under the eaves outside, and she wanted to leave as soon as the rain stopped. 

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But the caretakers could not bear to see the girl taking shelter from the rain alone, and repeatedly invited her into the house to take shelter from the rain. The girl really couldn't stand it, so she had to go into the house. 

An aunt poured the girl a cup of hot water, and after a moment of silence, the curious Lao Jia-- the graveyard administrator called him that-- finally opened her mouth. 

"Girl, you're here to see your boyfriend, aren't you?" 

The girl shook her head. 

"it must be to see your relatives." 

The girl still shook her head. 

Lao Jia really can't hold it any longer. "who is he to you, girl?" 

The girl bit her lip as if in a very hard memory, murmured: "who is he to me?" 

The corners of my eyes are a little blurred. 

At this time, everyone could not help it. 

"Girl, can you tell us something about you?" 

"tell me about it, girl!" 

Seeing that everyone was about to beg, the girl took a deep breath, but it could be seen that it was still difficult to calm the ups and downs in her heart. 

The girl told their story.