The girl who sweeps the grave-2

/November 2021

It was more than two years ago, the girl was tested for leukemia, but not late, as long as actively cooperates with the doctor's treatment and recovery hope is still very great. 

Soon the girl was admitted to the hospital and was placed in bed 4 inward 5. 

There is also a patient in bed No. 1 in the same ward, who is about the same age as himself, a very thin young man, but it is clear from the outline of his face that he used to be a handsome guy. 

According to his mother, his name is Xu Bin, and he has advanced blood cancer. If he can't find a suitable bone marrow transplant, he may not survive for more than a year. 

In the beginning, the girl was very active in cooperating with the doctor's treatment, and the treatment effect was also good. 

The girl didn't say anything when she was in chemotherapy, but when she cut her long hair, the girl cried bitterly. 

When they are free, they will chat together. Boys seldom talk, but more often they listen to girls, while girls talk more about their boyfriends. 

Talk about how her boyfriend loves her, takes care of her, and many romantic things he has done for her. 

Looking at the girl's happy and proud appearance, the boy did not feel jealous but felt warm in his heart. This feeling had never happened before as if he would be happy if she was happy. 

Of course, the boy never told the girl what he thought. 

Slowly they became good friends. 

She learned that he used to be a young calligrapher and that he could imitate anyone's handwriting. 

She didn't believe it, but when he put her handwriting with the one he imitated, she couldn't tell it was her own. 

She admires him very much, but he just smiles shallowly. 

He doesn't have a girlfriend, she doesn't believe it, he says he doesn't, it's not that he doesn't want to find it, it's just that he hasn't met the right person all the time, and fate is impossible to find. 

The girl's boyfriend, Wang Ziqi, came to see her every day when she was in the hospital, peeling oranges and peeling apples for her, holding her hand, and going out for a walk. 

Whenever he saw them holding hands, the boy always felt a little heartache, and he sometimes wondered why he wasn't the one holding her hand. 

Other strange ideas have never been seen before. 

He doesn't know why, maybe he does, but he doesn't want to admit that he's in love with her so easily.

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