The girl who sweeps the grave-3

/November 2021

Later, the girl's boyfriend came less and less, and every time she asked him why he always said he was busy at work. 

One day the girl suddenly stopped cooperating with the treatment and even resisted the treatment. 

It turns out that her boyfriend has not come to see her for many days, and the phone is always unable to get through, the girl is noisy every day, the mood is very unstable. 

The doctor said that the effect of the treatment was wasted before it went on like this, and the condition could worsen. 

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The girl's parents were anxious in their eyes, but there was nothing they could do about it. 

In the evening, Xu Bin called the girl's parents out while the girl was asleep. I don't know what they talked about that night, but the next morning the girl received a letter, a letter from Nigeria. 

It is beautiful that the letter is folded in the shape of a butterfly, and the content is written like this, dear Xiao Xiang Han-her name is Li Xiang Han and her boyfriend likes to call her Xiao Xiang Han. 

I am now in Nigeria, do not blame me for leaving you, to earn you more medical expenses, I have to leave temporarily, although I am so reluctant to give up. 

Our company recently has an overseas project, to send several senior engineers, you know I am not qualified to go, I am only an intermediate engineer. 

But when I told the leader about you, he gave me an extra quota, and I thought we were so lucky. 

I'm not used to being without you in this foreign country, but I have to get used to it for your sake. 

The doctor says you are no longer fit to use your cell phone with radiation. You have to listen to the doctor. Although you can't hear me, I will write often, I promise. 

Let's express love in the most primitive way, which is also a kind of romance. 

I'm here waiting for the news of your recovery and your signal to let me go back. 

Pay more attention to rest, do not return, love your chess. 

The girl cried before she finished reading the letter. She felt that she was ill-behaved and fooled around like a child. 

Suddenly she felt that she had to get better soon to get him back to her side as soon as possible. 

When she wanted to answer his letter, her parents could not help but tell the doctor about it, because she listened best to the doctor. 

After listening to the whole thing, the doctor came to the ward and said to the girl, "Girl, you need more rest. Now it is most important for him to get better quickly." 

The girl did listen to the doctor. 

She is more active in cooperating with the treatment than ever before.