The girl who sweeps the grave-4

/November 2021

The boy still spoke very little as usual, but he would secretly take out some stationery in the dead of night when she was asleep, not knowing what he was writing. 

He stops writing and occasionally stops to have a rest. 

After the letter was written, he would carefully fold it into a butterfly and put it in an envelope. 

If you look carefully, it is not difficult to find that the envelope is not an ordinary envelope. At the post office, you will see that it is a special envelope mailed from Nigeria to China. 

The next day he would secretly send the letter to the girl's parents. 

Time is so fast. Half a year is almost gone. 

He hasn't got the right bone marrow yet. He's thinner than before. 

Her condition is getting better and better. The doctor said she could be discharged in less than a year. She felt very happy that it would not be long before he could come back to her. 

One more hobby she has now is to read the letter he wrote, which already has a thick pile. 

She likes to read letters to him, and she hopes her happiness will bring him happiness, but he just smiles as before. 

When he was with her, his eyes were always so gentle, and his eyes were full of love. 

Every nurse and every doctor could see that he liked him, and only she was immersed in her own little happiness and could no longer see the affectionate eyes of others. 

He left on a Wednesday morning. 

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He left with a smile, and no one noticed that there was a trace of tiredness in his smile. 

He left much earlier than the doctor expected, and he didn't know why. 

Looking at the empty No.1 bed, somehow the girl felt as if something had been lost. 

What on earth is missing? 

The girl doesn't know. 

I just feel the same way when I heard the news of the loss of my boyfriend. 

The girl shook her head. "how is that possible?" 

She still gets a letter from him every week, but no one listens to her anymore. 

The feeling of feeling lost always lingers. 

When she is alone, the girl is always free to sit in the No. 1 bed and recall his shallow smile.