The girl who sweeps the grave-5

/November 2021

The girl was successfully discharged from the hospital a year later. 

When she was packing up in the ward on the day she was discharged from the hospital, the girl happily told her parents that she was going to write a letter to the Nigerian chess player to ask him to come back. 

But her mother's words seemed to pour cold water on her. 

"he'll never get a letter from you." 

The girl asked anxiously why there was something wrong with Ziqi. 

"because he completely disappeared after you were hospitalized for a few months!" 

The girl was so stunned that she couldn't believe what her mother said! 

"you lied. The girl took out the letter packed in the box and put it in front of her mother. This is the letter he wrote to me, and the girl almost shouted it out!" 

"that's what Xiaobin wrote to you. In order to make you actively cooperate with the treatment, he imitated his words. You usually talk to Xiaobin about you and him. Xiaobin can also touch his temper. 

Xiaobin asked your father to go to the post office to buy the letters and stamps. " 

"you lie, you lie, it's impossible, it's impossible." 

The girl cried. 

Looking at the pain of their daughter, the old couple also shed tears. 

Her mother slipped her a letter, "if one day you are discharged from the hospital healthily, Xiaobin asked us to give you this letter." 

Then the parents left the ward, knowing that it would be better for their daughter to be alone now. 

The girl opened the envelope with slightly trembling hands and folded it into butterfly-like stationery. 

Dear Xiaoxiang Han, please allow me to call you that again, although I am not qualified to call you so. 

When you read this letter, I think you have been discharged from the hospital healthily, and I am no longer in this world. 

I lied to you, but I didn't mean to. Please forgive me. 

Please don't blame your parents, they also have to. 

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Your mood must be very complicated now, maybe you can't accept this fact. 

But I hope you can smile the same as before, although you have never seen an angel's smile, I believe your smile must be more beautiful than theirs. 

I like you, but I didn't say it after all. 

I don't want to upset you, and I don't want you to ignore me after I say it. 

Maybe I'm not qualified to say I love you at all, because my days in this world are numbered.