The girl who sweeps the grave-6

/November 2021

Some people say that as long as you write 675 letters to the one you love, you can be together in the afterlife. I don't know if you believe it or not. I believe it. 

I know I don't have much time. I write hard, but I'm still a lot worse. 

Thank you for accompanying me through the last journey of my life. I have smelled the flowers of love. It is fragrant. I have no regrets in this life. 

You must be strong to live, I will become an angel to protect you. 

If there is an afterlife, I will find you, love you and protect you. 

Love, Xu Bin. 

The girl had already burst into tears. 

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The distance between life and death, the furthest distance in the world, how many stories, how much helplessness. 

The girl affixed the letter to her chest for a long time. 

It was dark outside the window and the neon lights were on, but she had no idea. 

A few days after leaving the hospital, the girl came to his tombstone for the first time. She bought him lilies. She told him that she would finish writing the 675 letters and that she would come to see him every weekend. 

When the girl finished her story, it was still raining outside the window and no one spoke. 

People turned their heads behind their backs, shrugged their shoulders, everyone was sobbing, and everyone was moved by the girl's story. 

Every weekend you will see this girl. She always takes a lily with her. After putting it in front of Tomb 89, she will take a few letters out of her pocket. No one can hear what she is reading. But everyone can see that she is reading so carefully and affectionately. 

After reading the letter, she would burn it silently in front of the grave, and then sit there quietly for a long time alone with her knees in her arms.