The insurance of love-1

/October 2021

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Midnight phone call. 

This day is the third anniversary of Gao Ming's marriage to Yu Na. 

To this end, Gao Ming specially prepared a sumptuous dinner, but this meal is not loved, but full of killing opportunities. 

Gao Ming has injected a neurotoxin into Yu Na's favorite red wine, waiting for his wife to drink the red wine and die. 

Strangely enough, it was already 11:30 in the evening, and Yu Na hadn't come home yet. Gao Ming couldn't help being impatient. 

Three years ago, Yu Na, the second generation of the official, married two wise and well-matched people of the rich second generation and bought a "love insurance" at a sky-high price. 

This love insurance treaty stipulates that if there are any force majeure factors in the marriage, such as serious illness, imprisonment, accidental death, and so on, the insurance company will pay huge compensation if the two cannot spend the rest of their lives together. 

If the party who goes wrong is smart, the beneficiary is Yu Na. 

On the other hand, if Yu Na is the one who went wrong, then the beneficiary is smart. 

The additional condition of insurance is that factors such as emotional breakdown and infidelity cannot be paid. 

Originally, the two thought that this insurance would never be useful, but an anti-corruption storm quickly beat the two families back to their original form. 

Gao Ming and Yu Na never dreamed that they would worry about money one day. 

The money is gone, the habit of spending money is still there, the gambling addiction is unbearable, and a lot of money has been misappropriated from the company's accounts. at the end of the year, the head office will send someone to settle the account. 

Yu Na is still jeweled, her family is gone, and she can't afford hardships and is unwilling to be self-reliant. How can she have so much money? 

Yu Na naturally fell in love with her lover. 

In just three years, the relationship between the two was turned upside down. 

At present, the day of Gao Ming's checkout is getting closer and closer, and if he does not have the money to plug the hole in public money, he will inevitably be sent to prison. 

Once Gao Ming is jailed, the insurance will automatically take effect, Yu Na will receive a large sum of compensation, and she will be able to find a new man to be happy outside. 

At the thought of this, Gao Ming tickled his teeth. 

Simply kill Yu Na, pretend to die in an accident, he can own the insurance compensation. 

Gao Ming chose a neurotoxin that can quickly paralyze the heart. Yu Na already had a bad heart, so that even if she died, she could be recognized as having a heart attack. 

Everything was ready, but Yu Na didn't show up for a long time, and her cell phone was turned off. Did she notice something? 

The more Gao Ming thought about it, the more guilty he felt, and the more nervous he became. At this moment, his cell phone suddenly rang, which startled him. 

An incoming call is a strange number. Gao Ming hesitated for a moment and pressed the answer button. 

A low male voice came from the microphone: "your wife was killed. Come and have a look." 

Gao Ming was first surprised, then a burst of joy, but soon came to his senses: "who are you?" 

How do you know my cell phone number? 

How do you know it was my wife who was hit? " 

The other party did not answer the wise words and said angrily, "are you called Gao Ming?" 

Is your wife's name Yu Na? 

I'm kind enough to tell you that you don't appreciate it. 

Come to the riverside slip road. Your wife has been hit by someone. Do you want to come or not? " 

With that, the phone hung up. 

If Yu Na died, wouldn't Gao Ming save a lot of trouble? 

Gao Ming didn't care about it, so he picked up his car keys and went downstairs. 

At midnight, the city was unusually quiet. Gao Ming drove the black Chevrolet so fast that the corners of his mouth could not help turning up slightly. 

When he turned the car to the riverside slip road, his heart was more than half cold: he was fooled! 

The riverside branch road was under construction, and there was no street lamp. It was dark all around. Gao Ming got off by the headlights and took a look around. There was no sign of a car accident at all. He went to the riverside and turned around, but there was no one at all. 

Gao Ming called back the number just now, but he couldn't get through. 

He went back to the car angrily and sneezed several times in a row. I'm afraid he had a rhinitis attack from the moment he got on the bus. 

When Gao Ming drove home in the middle of the night, he was physically and mentally exhausted, so he fell asleep on the sofa. 

I do not know how long, the smartphone rang again, and it is a strange number. 

"Hello, is this Yu Na's family? 

I'm from the traffic police force. Yu Na was in a car accident. Please bring your valid papers and come here. " 

Another car accident? 

Gao Ming's anger went straight to the top: "liar, it's not enough for you to fool me once, but also for the second time, do you think I'm stupid?" 

Gao Ming was so angry that he turned off his cell phone and fell out. 

That's great. There will be no more harassing calls. 

That night, Gao Ming slept soundly.