The insurance of love-2

/October 2021

Bizarre disappearance. 

The next morning, a horse policeman in his fifties came to Gao Ming, saying that Gao Ming could not be reached by phone, so he had no choice but to come to the door. 

Gao Ming came to the traffic police force, and Lao Ma taught him fiercely: "how do you do someone else's husband? his wife didn't come home all night and didn't know he was in a hurry." 

It's good to be on guard, but isn't it a bit smart to treat the police like a liar? " 

Gao Ming did not dare to answer back, but did not take Lao Ma's words seriously, only asked: "what happened to Yu Na?" 

Old Manunu said, "I'll have to wait for one more person. I'll say it when he comes." 

The man mentioned by Lao Ma is in his forties with beard and his name is Zhou Hai. He seems to be a small boss with some wealth in his clothes. 

Zhou Hai sat down on the chair next to Gao Ming, and Lao Ma finally opened his mouth: "between one o'clock and two o'clock yesterday morning, there was a serious car accident on the riverside slip road, resulting in a woman's death on the spot and the disappearance of another woman." 

We speculate that the missing woman was hit and fell into the river. 

The driver who caused the accident has escaped and we are in full pursuit. " 

Gao Ming suddenly thought of the phone call last night, but there was really a car accident? 

Lao Ma then said to Zhou Hai, "Mr. Zhou is sorry for his condolences. If there is no objection, please sign here." 

With that, he turned to Gao Ming and said, "Mr. Gao, we found this high-heeled shoe and a lady's bag with Yu Na's ID card in the bag." 

I hope you are psychologically prepared. We have sent someone to look downstream, but the current is so fast that she is very likely. " 

Gao Ming could not help cheering in his heart: Yu Na is dead! 

On the surface, however, he dared not say: "Please try your best to find it and let me know if you have any news." 

Old Ma squinted at Gao Ming: "OK, please sign here, too." 

I have one more question for you. " 

When the old horse didn't finish, Gao Ming's nose itched and sneezed several times: "excuse me, what do you want to ask me?" 

The old horse hesitated for a moment and handed the pen over: "it's all right, sign it." 

At this time, Zhou Hai handed Lao Ma a business card: "if you catch that driver, please let me know as soon as possible!" 

Gao Ming glanced at it and found the words "General Manager of Xiangrui Auto parts City, Zhou Hai" written on his business card. 

Hearing what Zhou Hai said, Gao Mingcai realized that there was a hit-and-run driver. Was it the driver who made an anonymous phone call last night? 

Gao Ming thought for a moment that he didn't get the insurance compensation, so he said hypocritically, "be sure to let me know, too."

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