The insurance of love-3

/October 2021

After leaving the traffic police force, Gao Ming went straight to the insurance company. 

The price of that "love insurance" is ridiculously expensive, but its terms of compensation are also very special. 

The insurer who received him immediately said that a situation like Yu Na's disappearance in a car accident was in line with the insurance terms, and if no missing person was found within a month, the compensation procedure could be started immediately. 

Gao Ming was dizzy, but the insurer said, "but Mr. Gao, the insurance beneficiary is not you." 

Gao Ming was splashed with cold water: "impossible!" 

There will be no one but me! " 

"our information is correct. Miss Yu Na changed the beneficiary three months ago. 

I'm sorry. " 

The insurer was a little embarrassed, but he clapped the table: "who is the beneficiary?" 

The insurer was just about to say secrecy, but he was as clever as crazy. He grabbed the insurance policy with a name written on it: "Zhou Hai". 

Gao Ming froze, this Zhou Hai must be Yu Na's lover! 

Isn't that the man you met in the traffic police? 

The more Gao Ming thought about it, the more wrong it became. He was not willing to have his compensation taken away, so he decided to follow Zhou Hai to see if he could catch any clues. 

For three days in a row, Zhou Hai was from nine to five. The more regular he was, the more he felt that there was something wrong with him. 

That day, Gao Ming went out in the morning and found that Zhou Hai only stopped in the auto parts city for a while and drove to the outskirts of the city. 

Gao Ming dared not follow too close for fear of being discovered by Zhou Hai. He didn't catch up until the other party got off the highway and turned into a gate. 

Unexpectedly, there was an open field in the gate, and there were damaged cars built everywhere. I was smart and excited. This is the place to recycle scrapped cars! 

Zhou Hai's car is parked in the southwest corner of the courtyard. There is no other bunker around that location. Gao Ming can only hide in an inconspicuous place and dare to check it out after Zhou Hai leaves. 

There is a black Chevrolet parked on the southwest corner, just like the one I usually drive. 

The difference is that the front windshield of the black Chevrolet is broken, with bloodstains, the bumper is severely deformed, the paint is still fresh and there is little dust, and it seems that it has just been towed. 

Gao Ming had a clear idea at this time, took several photos with his cell phone, and left happily. 

Gao Ming felt that Zhou Hai was much more vicious than himself. He killed Yu Na and even killed his wife. 

Gao Ming has calculated that if Zhou Hai did it, he must pick back half of the meat from Zhou Hai's mouth. 

Thinking about how to have a showdown with Zhou Hai, a familiar figure appeared downstairs. 

"Officer Ma? 

Do you have any news? " 

Gao Ming was originally thinking about things that could not be seen, but when he suddenly saw the police, he inevitably felt a little flustered. 

The old horse smiled and said, "Don't call me a police officer. The day we met was my last day on duty. I have retired with honor." 

I'm just sorry that I ran into a case that remained unsolved before I retired. 

The driver who caused the accident was too cunning as if he had stepped on a good spot, walking all the construction sections in the city, and none of the cameras photographed the vehicle causing the accident. 

But you can rest assured that there is a saying that heaven's net is restored without leakage. " 

Gao Ming had to nod perfunctorily. 

The old horse walked around and said to the point: "when I went to your house the other day, I saw a whole table of dishes untouched. Are you waiting for your wife to come home for dinner?" 

Gao Ming immediately tightened his nerves and said, "Oh, yes, it was our wedding anniversary." 

Old Ma's eyes glowed: "since you are waiting for her and she didn't come home all night, why don't you worry and sleep at home?" 

Gao Ming can't admit that he attempted, can he? 

In a panic, I had to prevaricate about receiving an anonymous phone call that night. 

On hearing this, Lao Ma immediately lost his temper: "Why didn't you say such an important situation at that time!" 

Gao Ming whispered: "I didn't think so much at that time. I went to the scene to see it. There was no car accident at that time." 

The old horse hated that iron could not be turned into steel: "you!" 

Copy me that phone number. " 

When the old horse left, he scolded Gao Ming. When he saw that the old horse was far away, Gao Ming breathed a sigh of relief. 

It is not too late for Gao Ming to cross his heart. In a month, the settlement team of the head office is coming. He wants to have a showdown with Zhou Hai immediately and get the compensation before the incident happens.

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